Review: No, I Can't Get You Free Tickets

Review: No, I Can't Get You Free Tickets

When Paul Banks reached out to me regarding his latest project my initial response was “Dooooon’t Caaaaare.” With that nod to the Jay Cutler meme he launched, in reality I was thrilled.

If you enjoy a snarky take on a sports personality, this is your book.

If you enjoy someone ripping the bandaid off of a rumor or pointing out the painfully obvious, this is your book.

If you enjoy the lighter side of Big Ten hot takes, this is your book.

If there’s one guy on the planet that I can guarantee you will get a laugh at a Brian Cardinal and or Cutler joke in the press box at the United Center, it’s Paul.

I have known Paul for almost a decade. We have covered professional and college events, from golf to the McDonald’s All-America Games together and I’ve always enjoyed his company in press row. Two old school ChicagoNow veterans, our paths crossed so many times that we almost avoided each other in line to pick up credentials on purpose a few times, just to keep a straight face.

Paul says what almost every fan is already thinking. He tells you what’s right about a player, what’s wrong with a program, what’s annoying about a system and how perfect a play was. Paul dives into incredible detail and brings every ounce out of an anecdote or scenario.

His witty sense of humor has come through every platform, and his commitment to sports journalism is evident from his daily grind to bring readers the latest news through his unique lens. He’s a master storyteller with a one-of-a-kind perspective that makes the whole damn thing tick.

No, I Can’t Get You Free Tickets” is a fun look at some of his work and also a terrific discussion of that grind of being an independent writer in the sports media world.

One request, however. When you buy this book and finish reading it, reach out to Paul on Twitter and ask him for tickets. Especially if it’s a bowl game somewhere in Arizona or Texas. He’s got a guy…



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