2017 MLB Rankings: Top 10 Right Fielders

Pitchers and catchers continue reporting across Major League Baseball, and we continue to roll through our top ten rankings. So far, we have ranked the top ten players at:

Now let’s move our attention to the outfield, beginning in right.

There were a number of guys who probably would have been on this list if not for a few moves (or, in the case of the Mets and Pirates, a lack of movement).

Adam Eaton was traded to Washington, and will move to (back) center. Because the Mets couldn’t unload an outfielder, Curtis Granderson will apparently place center with Jay Bruce in right. And in spite of their worst attempts, the Pirates are “stuck” with Andrew McCutchen moving to right from center, shifting Starling Marte to center and Gregory Polanco to left.

A few names that just missed out on our list: Stephen Piscotty in St. Louis, Hunter Pence in San Francisco, Jose Bautista in Toronto, Jason Heyward in Chicago and Miguel Sano in Minnesota.

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