2013 NFL Draft LIVE Blog

As the 2013 NFL Draft unfolds, we’ll bring you each pick with a reaction, and a look back at our most recent mock draft.

There could be a lot of movement, both inside the first round and in the six rounds that will follow over the next two days. This is an exciting time for football fans, and we’re ready to go!

Oakland trades the #3 overall pick to Miami for the #12 and #42 overall selections

Buffalo trades the #8 and 71 overall pick to St. Louis for overall selections 16, 46, 78, and 222.

Dallas trades the #18 overall pick to San Francisco for overall selections 31 and 74

St. Louis trades the #22 overall pick and a 7th round pick in 2014 to Atlanta for overall selections 30, 92 and 198

New England trades the #29 overall pick to Minnesota for overall selections 52, 83, 102 and 229.

There were no running backs selected in the first round. Only one quarterback, EJ Manuel, came off the board; he wasn’t one of the three or four players most analysts were considering as maybe the only QB to come off in the first round earlier in the day. The Rams were active, and bold, and did very well. And Minnesota went big as well.

Manti Te’o is still available. As are Eddie Lacy, Geno Smith and Zach Ertz. The second and third rounds on Friday will be exciting… if you can remember which team owns which pick.


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    The Bears pick is the reason why they will be really bad for years to come. That guy would have been there at 50. HA!!!!!!! Oh and what a surprise that Teo is still available in the 2nd rd.

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