2013 NFL Mock Draft: Post-Combine 3-Round Edition

Last weekend the annual NFL Combine took place in Indianapolis. A bunch of grumpy old men wandered around a field watching kids take the test of their lives, knowing that social media was going to either anoint them the next king of the NFL or, in the case of Manti Te’o, continue writing them off.

What was learned at the combine was little, but what was confirmed is that this is a really good, deep draft on both the offensive and defensive lines. There isn’t a lot to be excited by at the offensive skill positions this year, but there’s a lot of guys entering the NFL that could make an impact in 2013 and beyond that could be around in on the second and third day of the Draft.

Oh, and then the Chiefs traded the second pick of the second round to San Francisco for Alex Smith.

With that in mind, we’re going to stretch things out a little. We’re taking this mock draft through the first three rounds of the draft. There are some surprising names in surprising places, all of which is what makes this one of the best times of year for football fans.

Enough with the intro. Let’s get on with the picks.


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    Chargers don't need a pass rusher, that's why Melvin Ingram was drafted last year. They desperately need a offensive tackle and cornerback which they will for certain address.

  • In reply to TheGib:

    You're right, the Chargers did draft Melvin Ingram. And he gave them... 1 sack in 16 games last season.

    They desperately need someone they can afford to get to the quarterback if/when Shaun Phillips takes his team-leading 9.5 sacks somewhere else. The Chargers are also at risk of losing Antwan Barnes and his 3.0 sacks... If you're going to let 12.5 of your 38.0 sacks walk out the door, you need to add some depth; Liuget isn't going to do it all by himself.

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