2013 NFL Mock Draft: Super Bowl Edition

It’s Super Bowl Sunday! Which means almost all of North America is thinking about football… and millions around the world are watching what has become our country’s weekend obsession on television with us.

But for fans in 30 NFL cities, this is a stinging reminder that only two teams get to play for the game’s ultimate prize.

How important is the NFL Draft when considering a championship roster? Consider the two teams playing in this year’s Super Bowl.

Both the Ravens and Niners have done an exceptional job of finding undrafted free agents to make their rosters better; Baltimore has 13 undrafted players on their roster, while San Francisco has 12.

However, Baltimore has 21 players on their roster that were drafted in one of the first three rounds, and San Francisco has 24 that were selected before the fourth round began.

Having picks, and using them wisely, is mandatory in the salary cap-driven NFL. And teams will continue using their picks to address the latest trends in the league, whether it’s looking for the next Colin Kaepernick or finding players that can stop him.

So, before the Super Bowl begins, here’s a look at how the first two rounds of the 2013 NFL Draft might play out in April.

Oh, and you can tell where my money rests on Sunday by which team owns pick 31 and which is selecting at 32 in this mock draft.


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