2013 NFL Mock Draft: 2 Round Regular Season Final

After a full NFL regular season of mock drafts, we now have the top 20 selection locked-in for the Draft in April. We also have nearly one-third of the league looking for a new head coach and a half-dozen teams replacing their general manager… so far.

The salary cap, accompanying the unprecedented change at head coach and general manager around the league, will make this one of the more active drafts in recent history. There are a handful of veterans that will likely be on the move before the draft, and even more could be dealt between selections.

Here’s our eighth mock draft, with a few more photos and a full second round. Thoughts?


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  • Is this a joke? Why would the Ravens draft a tight end with Dennis Pitta (who happens to be Joe Flacco's best friend on the team) emerging as one of Flacco's favourite and most reliable targets. There's options all over the board to pick a better player than Ertz, and I would be absolutely flabbergasted if his name is called for the Ravens in the first round. If he's there towards the end of the 2nd or 3rd round, its a different story. But they've got holes at ILB, CB, S and OL. How about a guy by the name of Barrett Jones? Matt Birk certainly isn't getting any younger.

    Also, the Bengals did NOT draft Reggie Nelson or Taylor Mays. The 49ers drafted Mays, and then they traded him to the Bengals. Nelson joined the league as a member of the Jaguars but was also traded to the Bengals. Considering how little the Bengals actually gave up for each player, they've gotten great value for what they paid for.

  • In reply to runswithwolves:

    As I've said in nearly all of my mock drafts up to this point re: the Ravens, and this bears repeating considering this morning's announcement from Ray Lewis, I believe they'll do any/every thing in their power to trade up to get their hands on Manti Te'o or Alec Ogletree. This isn't an outstanding draft for ILBs, but those two are good ones that would have to be high on Baltimore's board.

    re: Cincy's safeties, you do realize they're playing an old corner at safety this weekend, right?

  • fb_avatar

    Find that I have to correct more and more people about this...That Indy pick isn't Indy's. Send it on over to Miami

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