5 Year Rear View Mirror: Looking Back At The White Sox 2007 NHL Draft

5 Year Rear View Mirror: Looking Back At The White Sox 2007 NHL Draft

Over the past three days, we have been looking back five years at how the major sports teams in Chicago drafted in 2007. So far we have examined the 2007 Draft of the Chicago Cubs, the 2007 Draft of the Chicago Bears and the 2007 Draft of the Chicago Bulls. Now, in this fourth edition of the series, we’ll look back at how the White Sox did in their 2007 Draft.

Many of the misses here will be similar to those that could have been Cubs in 2007, but you’ll notice that the White Sox saw a number of the quality major league players wind up on a divisional opponent.

Round One – Pick 25: Aaron Poreda, P, San Francisco

Poreda was really well liked by the organization for a while, but was thrown away as part of the trade that brought Jake Peavy to Chicago. Here are a few guys that could have been on the South Side:

Pick 27: Rick Porcello, P – Detroit Tigers
Pick 67: Jordan Zimmerman, P – Washington Nationals
Pick 76: Mike Stanton, OF – Florida Marlins

Both Porcello and Zimmerman could have been impact players in the Sox rotation by now, while Stanton would have likely kept the Sox from giving Adam Dunn a king’s ransom to do nothing last year.

Round Two – Pick 89: Nevin Griffeth, P, Middleton High School (Florida)

Griffeth hasn’t seen anything higher than Double-A talent since being drafted out of high school. The one guy between picks that the Sox could have used here?

Pick 101: Jonathan Lucroy, C – Milwaukee Brewers

Round Three – Pick 119: John Ely, P, Miami
Round Four- Pick 149: Leroy Hunt, P, Sacramento CC
Round Five – Pick 179: Nathan Jones, P, Northern Kentucky
Round Six – Pick 209: Johnnie Lowe, P, Point Loma Nazarene
Round Seven – Pick 239: James Gallagher, OF, Duke

Anybody want some pitching? Ely, the Homewood-Flossmore grad drafted by his hometown Sox, was one of the players-to-be-named-later in the trade that brought Juan Pierre to Chicago from the Dodgers. He has seen limited action with the Dodgers over parts of the last two seasons. None of the others guys picked in these rounds have been a difference maker. Who did the Sox miss on between the third and seventh rounds?

Pick 157: Brandon Guyer, OF – Chicago Cubs
Pick 175: Marc Rzepczynski, P – Toronto Blue Jays
Pick 204: Anthony Rizzo, 1B – Boston Red Sox

Guyer looks like he’ll be part of the Rays’ outfield at some point soon, while Rzepczynski made a dent in the postseason as part of the crazy trades that went down between the Sox, Jays and Cardinals in 2011. Rizzo appears to be the future first baseman on the North Side now, and is considered one of the best prospects in baseball. For a team that used as many early picks on pitching, they missed Matt Moore, who will be part of the Rays’ rotation this year and was drafted by Tampa in the eighth round.

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