Ferguson Aftermath: What we can do to Prevent another Tragedy

Ferguson Aftermath: What we can do to Prevent another Tragedy

I’ve seen many opinions regarding the decision not to indict officer Darren Wilson in the killing of teenager Mike Brown in Furgeson Missouri. Some opinions have led me to delete folks (both black and white) off my Facebook page, in order to distance myself from the foolery.

Who’s to blame for what took place? I honestly don’t know because I wasn’t there. In the heat of the moment, I can’t imagine how Wilson felt being battered as a cop, with someone reaching for his weapon. I can’t imagine how Brown felt in the final moments of his life (whether he had his hands up or not). What I can imagine is what black folk can do in the aftermath to prevent another tragedy, and what white folk can do as well. I’ve decided to share a list of things that just might help.

1. Crime: Stop having run ins with the law. It can’t be ignored that Mike Brown put himself in the situation. You can’t strong arm cigars, fight cops, and expect a positive outcome.

2. Education: If you feel as if black folk aren’t receiving justice or fair trials, go to school, become a lawyer, a judge, or politician. There’s more to life than rapping and playing sports.

3. Love: self love is important. We have to love one another in order for anyone to love us. How can we sell dope to each other, rob each other, and kill each other and expect other races to care about the black life?

4. The race card: We have to stop pulling the card every time there’s a situation between blacks and whites. I’ve even seen white folk claim “It only happened because he was black.” Doesn’t matter if the cop is racist or not, STOP IT! It’s not fair to those who aren’t racist. There were a series of events that took place and decisions were made. Those are the reasons it happened. If, if, if, won’t change what took place.

5. Stereotypes: Not all black folk are thugs, and not all white folk are racist. We have to familiarize ourselves with people instead of assuming what his or her character is based on appearance.

6. Racism- Yes, some white folk are racist, but NEWSFLASH, some black folk are too. I happened to know plenty white folk who don’t have a racist bone in their body, but I know blacks who are no different than the Klan. Im still having a hard time grasping the concept behind racism. This is definitely something that haunts America. There’s no reason for it. We have to change our way of thinking. Of course we’re different. I don’t see that as a bad thing. In fact, I’ve learned a great deal about other cultures because I’m not racist.

7. Loyalty: instead of being loyal to a race, be loyal to good people who are self righteous. I refuse to be loyal to anyone no matter what color they are if they’re doing dumb shit. I’ll distance myself from you in a heartbeat.

8. Respect. Cops are to be respected they’re risking their lives daily to keep our country safe, but cops also have to respect others no matter what race or ethnicity they are. Black doesn’t always mean guilty. I’ve been harassed by cops, both black and white, because I fit the description. There’s no way to look “less black.”

9. Community: A area that has fewer crimes will have fewer cops. I’ll never understand how someone can hate the cops, but continuously commit crimes that will ultimately do what?!!! Summons the cops. Rioting is definitely not going to help the community. There is one way to keep the cops out of your life, and that’s by being a law abiding citizen. I’m a 33 year old black male living in one of the roughest areas in America, and I’ve never been arrested, because I’ve never committed a crime. Smarten up!

10. Value: Seems as if the value of life is becoming less and less important in today’s society. I’m one to believe that in any given situation we must protect not only our lives but the lives of others. Did it really take shots to the head? What about the leg? What about a taser? Or, how about waiting for back-up because hey, “Hulk” did attack you.

I’m not saying I’m right and that any of my solutions will work, but we definitely have to come up with something to resolve the issues in our country. Doctor King’s dream seems to be more like a nightmare as of late.

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