Dibs Chicago: The Outdoor Garage

In Chicago, snow means a number of things. But to most it means longer traffic times and shoveling out your street parking spot. And, with the shoveling of your parking spot comes the unwritten rule of saving your spot: Dibs. Why should someone too lazy to brave the weather and do the shoveling profit from... Read more »

a Chicago tax: Don't Shovel and Get a Ticket (Plus, a Q& A with Ald. Tom Tunney)

Ald. Tom Tunney is proposing the revival of an ordinance which allows the city, namely the Dept. of Streets and Sanitation, to give tickets to people that don’t shovel or clear the sidewalks by their property and I agree with him 100%. But, will the enforcement of this ordinance be city-wide or just in neighborhoods... Read more »