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Stumbling Bears (parody of Jingle Bells)

Sludging through the mud In a Mike Martz led game plan Losin’ the fields we go Stumbling all the way Plays in the playbook stink Making QBs cringe What fun it is to pass A idling ‘O’ tonight Oh, stumbling Bears, stumbling Bears Stumbling all the way Oh, what fun it is to pass In... Read more »

2011 has been a good year

Who says you can’t call 2011 a good year until it’s over? So far, only eight months are in the books and I can call it a good year for me. I had hoped the new year would bring the end to Richard Daley’s reign as mayor of Chicago. And, BOOM! He gone! I had... Read more »

Bears Need Kreutz

The Chicago Bears need to re-sign center Olin Kreutz. But, I believe the ‘undersized’ Kreutz’ best years are behind him and only his knowledge of the blocking schemes, decent pass blocking abilities, and line calls make him important on an aging Bears team trying to make a Super Bowl run with their current roster. Due... Read more »