If the CTU really cares about CPS students, they would..

If the CTU was truly concerned about CPS students, they wouldn’t stop at just advocating for the 17,000 homeless students. The CTU would push for free CTA usage anytime a student is enrolled and going to school, make sure all students get free medical, dental, and vision care, and force CPS to make all schools fully accessible.

Though, forcing CPS to make all schools fully accessible seemingly would cut into the CPS money pie and this would limit what the CTU could drain out of CPS.

The subject of making all CPS schools fully accessible was briefly broached at the CPS board meeting this past August, 2019.

New board members Lucino Sotelo and Elizabeth Todd-Breland were spot on in their accessibility questions directed towards CPS’ Arnie Rivera, who was presented the FY2020 CPS ‘$821M’ Capital Budget.


Rivera laid out a budget which was going to include $10.5M for ADA issues, an amount which is a little over 1% of the total capital budget and dwarves what was spent in recent years by CPS on ADA issues. But, it’s still not enough.


According to Access Living, CPS budget totaled $1.15M on ADA issues from FY2015-FY2017, $0 in FY2018, and $500,000 or FY2019. The money spent on ADA Issues in these five years represent a minuscule fraction of 1% in CPS capital spending and this while many schools were getting their $1M-$4.5M fields of dreams.

CPS Financial Information from FY2009-FY2020:


Rivera guesstimated it would cost $600M to make all schools fully accessible. But, how could he know for sure when he couldn’t even tell Dr. Janice Jackson how many schools were accessible at the same meeting?

Access Living did their homework on getting all CPS schools fully accessible and to get 246 CPS schools fully accessible it would cost $300M not the $600M Rivera guesstimated to the board.

Futher, Rivera went on to say it’s CPS’ goal is to make all school ‘1st Floor Usable’ in the future. But, what does that do besides just get students inside the building? What happens if their classes are on upper floors?

I tried sending this information to the CTU, but, it must have gotten lost in their aggressive SPAM folder. Most likely, the same folder the CTU claims emails from CPS landed that invited the CTU to take part in a survey on protecting CPS students from sexual violence.


Is your school accessible?

Click the below link to see if it is along with clicking on the other link

to watch the video from the August, 2019 CPS Board meeting, courtesy of the parent advocacy group “No More Sidelines’:



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