No Pledge or Anthem = No Money for a CPS School

How long does it take to stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance or stand quietly or sing as the National Anthem is played in a CPS ‘public’ school? Maybe, 10-20 seconds for the Pledge and 60-90 seconds for the Anthem. Both seem like short times, but, many CPS schools don’t require their students to do either.

When did this start? I want it to end.

Students Pledge Allegiance To The Flag In Pennsylvania

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Every day, Chicagoans, Illinoisans, and Americans are bombarded with the CPS debt crisis and how CPS is getting short changed in funding by our state, how schools will face draconian budget cuts, and how CPS schools may not open after Labor Day, a national holiday. I can understand both sides of the funding argument. CPS needs more money to stay open and Gov. Bruce Rauner and the rest of the state are tired of bailing CPS out of their financial messes.

I have a solution, or qualifying requirement, to see if individual CPS schools should even be considered for more state funding. In Phase 1, CPS schools which require their students to stand and recite the pledge or stand quietly or sing the Anthem move to Phase II of consideration for funding from the state. CPS schools which don’t require either, get nothing.

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