A Small Act of Kindness Speaks Volumes

drew-williams-lane-tech-101713-545x363An interesting thing happened after the Lane Tech and Taft high school football game on Friday night and I was so fortunate to witness it. And, I hope this story of an act of kindness and compassion will let people know of the good there is throughout CPS and not the negative CPS stories which are constantly in the media.

In a football game featuring two rivalries, a small gesture of kindness and compassion after the game spoke volumes. Here’s what I witnessed:

Lane Tech won 19-14. But, my Player of the Game wasn’t a player from Lane Tech, it was a ‘class act’ player who wore #3 from Taft (Freddie Fitte). Why?

After the game, Lane Tech football player #3 Drew Williams (who was tragically injured in game a couple years ago) was being taken to his car by his mother and she had trouble getting him over a couple of humps which weren’t handicapped friendly and what did #3 (Freddie Fitte) from Taft do?

Freddie, clearly broken up with emotion from the loss and in full uniform, pads, and spikes offered to help lift Drew get over two humps so he would be able to get to his mother’s car.

A true class act!!!

How ironic that it was #3 helping #3.

Here’s to Taft’s #3 Freddie Fitte, THE Player of the Game!!”

Walter Brzeski

(Lane Tech, Class of 1983)


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  • Love to hear about random acts of kindness - we all need to do more of them!

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