Springtime in Chicago = Wackiness from Ald. Cardenas

It must be springtime in Chicago as Ald. George Cardenas is sounding off about another one of his wacky proposals. Now, Cardenas is proposing banning selling cigarettes to anyone under the age of 21.

This is the same Cardenas who suggested a 15-30 cent tax on sugary drinks and charging Chicagoans a ‘$5 safety and security’ fee to help pay for another 700 Chicago cops. He touted Chicago’s award winning water, yet, he bought cases of water for his aldermanic office. He’s the landlord of his ward office, where he put his father on his payroll. And, Cardenas has taken every aldermanic raise possible during a time when city employees were losing their jobs.

I agree with Cardenas about the dangers of smoking cigarettes, having lost my father to the affects of smoking ten years ago. But, I believe there’s other things Cardenas needs to be concerned about in Chicago. What about hiring more police with the amounts of money current police are getting in overtime pay? As the cops say, “There’s no crime until overtime.”

More importantly, I would like to see my fellow Lane Tech Alum spearhead a campaign to give Chicago’s Inspector General Joe Ferguson and other oversight agencies in Chicago more control over the city counsel and let them be privy to all of the information from our city’s business dealings and hirings.

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