If I Was The New Bears GM, I Would...

Since Jerry Angelo is out as Bears General Manager, I would like to apply for his job. And if I were the Bears GM, besides signing Matt Forte to a long term deal and pushing for the retirement of jersey # 89 for Mike Ditka, this is what I would do……

1. Develop an offensive identity and scheme which will fit the Bears personnel, not the other way around.

2. Move Lance Louis to guard permanently, play Julius Peppers more in the ‘3 technique’ defensive tackle, find ways to get the tight ends more involved in the passing game, and blitz more on defense.

3. Replace the departed Mike Martz with Mike Tice as Offensive Coordinator and let him know I demand a balanced offensive attack to include audibles, more distribution of the ball to other players not named Forte, and more reps in practices for backup QBs. Then hire Jeremy Bates to replace QB coach Shane Day and have Bates pick up his football relationship with Jay Cutler from the time they worked together in Denver.

4. Allow Tice to bring in some of his own assistant coaches after firing Wide Receiver coach Darryl Drake and Running Back coach Tim Spencer. Promote TE coach Mike DeBord to Offensive Line coach and continue to have him work with the young offensive line and tight ends, especially in the inside run game and pass protection. Also, add former Bear Tom Thayer as an offensive line consultant.

5. Show the door to the following players: Marion Barber, Chris Williams, Frank Omiyale, Roy Williams, Caleb Hanie, Matt Toeaina, Anthony Adams, Major Wright, Zack Bowman, Corey Wootton, Levi Horn, Stephen Paea, Ricky Henry, Max Komar, and Brandon Meriweather.

6. Resign Tim Jennings, Craig Steltz, Corey Graham, Josh McCown, Kahlil Bell, Amobi Okoye, Israel Idonije, and Special Teams Coordinator Dave Toub. Give a Toub a 5-year contract with a major bump in salary, give him more say in personnel decisions, and name Toub assistant head coach and head coach ‘in waiting’.

7. Look to draft or acquire the following: two quality backup linebackers, a ‘shut down’ cornerback, a ‘big, go- to’ wide receiver, ‘push rush specialist’ defensive end, backup center able to play guard, and a blitzing linebacker.

8. Bring in more competition in training camp, hit more in camp, and get rid of the “Camp Cupcake” atmosphere at camp, practice, and in the locker room.

9. Demand new turf be in place at Soldier Field and finally say goodbye to the Kentucky Blue (Mud) Grass.

10. Bring back the Honey Bears, especially since the Bears haven’t won a Super Bowl since they were disbanded after the 1985 season.


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  • 9) For some reason, the McCaskey's don't want the Bears to play on Field Turf. I heard a rumor that they have a stake in a nursery that supplies sod to Soldier Field.

    10) As long as Virginia is around, the Honey Bears just aren't going to happen.

  • In reply to Alex:

    I didn't hear that, but, i did read once former Chicago Park District boss Tim Mitchell had some conections to the company which sold the grass to the Bears. You know Chicago, the company probably contributed to the Daley campaign and then got the Soldier Field contract.

  • And ...
    11) If you really were the next general manager, you would have to osculate a large gluteal area first, then learn corporate speak.

    Also, for basically that reason, you wouldn't have the authority to do 2, 3, and 4, and the second sentence of 6 and third clause of 8.

    BTW, did you see the Hey Jimmy Kimmel YouTube contest last night, when the little girl got a green jersey, even though her father said it was supposed to be Hester's? The original is available here. Wonder how she took Angelo getting fired?

  • In my utopian world as Bears GM, my power would be limitless and my lips wouldn't have to pucker up for anyobody, probbaly why more quailified NFL people weren't hired to work for the Bears.

    Most NFL people, and myself, wouldn't mind kissing any of Mccaskeys or ted Phillips rings. But, all of them keep their rings in their back pockets.

    Remember an anagram of BEAR DOWN is BAD OWNER.
    And, one for LOVIE SMITH is MO' EVIL HITS.

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    disagree with showing the door to our 2nd round pick.....he had to rush things last year (from a torn meniscus...) a lot of things had to be rushed.....give him a full season with training camp and everything.... it is only fair to both parties......Stephen Paea is a work-horse......and he will be ready come 2012 season.....

  • In reply to Bear down:

    Paea is another one of those guys from a west coast school that comes in overrated. His shorts arms might help him bench press a small car, but, swimming over OLineman and getting pressure on pass plays and getting separation in run plays is his major wek points. Paea might be a hustler and have a good work ethic, but, he lacks a football nose to the ball and doesn't make a lot of plays outside of the scheme. He's Ok, but, he wasn't worth a 2nd round pick and was another reach pick by Angelo.

    It would be great to see Paea gain 20-25 lbs of bulk to play the nose, but, his lack of height and short arms make him easy fodder to be driven down the field by bigger, athletic OLineman and held at the LOS on pass plays.

  • In reply to Walter Brzeski:

    I can't believe that we didn't draft the top running back in the draft, MIkel Leshoure, when he fell to us at #53. Instead, we drafted another Youtube sensation, about whom Mike Mayock said pre-draft "has no football instincts". As he was a 2nd round pick however I don't think we can just off-load him like that. Let Maranelli work with him over the off-season and see what happens.

    No way we can let CW go, not with our line. Ditto Roy Williams with our receivers. With the lack of depth at end how do we let Wooten go?

    Major Wright? Brandon Meriweather? Who would that leave us with? Draft more projects in the fifth round? No thanks.

    I'd cut Tim Jennings though - can't cover. Just can't do it.

    Why cut Levi Horn? Tice likes the kid. Bear Chief. I like it ....

    Agree with all of the other stuff though. Honey Bears. Turf.

  • Chris Williams is one of those that will continue to shuffle from position to different position throughout his career and suffer from nagging injuries. Like Carimi, many teams had red 'injury' flags about him. Williams is slow off the ball, can be driven into the backfield, and isn't very physical. He may be better suited for right tackle, but, then so is Carimi, Webb, Horn and Louis. TRADE HIM!

    His brother by another brother, Roy Williams, has had one season ober 100o yds receving. Yet, he thinks he's one of the premier 'go-to' guys. The onlythings holding him back are holding onto the ball, getting open, and running the right routes. Other than that, he's world class. DON'T RESIGN HIM!

    Major Wright: is soft, can't provide over the top coverage or run support. Wright can ne useful in a trade for draft pick(s).

    Brandon Meriweather: has shown little and he doesn't want to be on special teams. CUT HIM!

    Tim Jennings: is more than useful and provided some key plays for the Bears this year. Jennings need to stay in the game all the time to be successful as he seems to get 'setup and worked' by other teams receivers for late game routes.

    Levi Horn: is stiff, not athletic, and must show something this year after spending two years on the practice squad.. It's highly doubtful, he'll be on Bears roster come September. Horn is basicaly a roster filler and scout team player.

  • In reply to Walter Brzeski:

    that's brother by another mother

  • While I agree with most of what you said...i think the verdict is still out on Paea...he has been injured and can still be a productive force in the future..
    .Idonije is a weak alternative...and not worthy of resigning...they need an another DE that can rush the passer...just like Dent and Hampton...Josh McCown is a another Clown....why would i waste any money there?....I would much rather sign a seasoned backup that has the ability to step in and WIN...as opposed to "hoping" for a victory...before i made any draft picks i would be analyzing the free agent market...and looking for some proven talent that can compliment the "new offensive scheme" under Tice...then I would draft accordingly...linebackers are 2-3 years down the road issue....but drafting one isn't a bad idea...you cant fix it all AT ONCE...what we really need ...and that isn't YOU or ME...is someone who can really recognize the talent that is out there...evaluate that talent..and DRAFT accordingly....and pick up ....EVERYTHING within this organization has boiled down to $$$$$$$....not necessarily TALENT...and as long as Ted Phillips ( the bean-counter) remains....and oversees the McClans interests....it isn't going to be beneficial to the FAN....Tom Thayer is comfortable doing what he is doing....and if you really want Mike Ditka's number retired..which it should be...then make him the next GM...he can readily evaluate talent ...with the exception of Ricky Williams when he was with the Saints....but last time i checked...he's still running for the Ravens....

  • In reply to PappaBear:

    Ditka was spot on with Ricky Williams. Now the price he paid was too high - no question - but the guy can still produce.

  • The only problem was by trading all of the draft picks away, Ditka killed Williams' surrounding cast until Sean Payton came along. Ditka wanted to do something to change things right away and he did, but, if you can't get veteran and undrafted FAs to support your existing squad, then you're in big trouble.

    It's ironic that my ex-EIU teammate Paytion replaced Ditka, especially since Ditka hated having Payton as a Spare Bear in 1987. And now, Payton has a Super Bowl ring as head coach like Ditka has on his finger.

  • In reply to PappaBear:

    Paea could turn out okay. I just don't put much faith into down lineman from the west coast. Paea needs to bulk up and add 30 lbs., workk on different moves and combination, and learn to play 'outside the box' and make playes not expected of him.

    Idonije is most suited for DT with his natural strength and long arms he could fend off souble teams, free up Urlacher for more tackles, and be a disruption in the middle. If the Bears keep him DE, Izzy wil be mediocre at best.

    I agree on picking up another DE amd give Chauncey Davis more PT. Why get rid of Jake Reed? I didn't understand that move at all, especially to keep Edwin Baldwin on the roster?

    I agree on Josh McCown. He was a stopgap signing because Caleb Hanie showed us what every college and pro scout thought he was....basically, a H-back or safety playing QB.

    "before i made any draft picks i would be analyzing the free agent market"...There's talk about the Bears signing Asante Samuels....I'm not sure what he has left, but, he offers more than Zack Bowman

    I believe if the Bears could find a way to allow Tom Thayer to continue doing his lucrative media gigs and be a consultant, Thayer would be asset and my guess is what he says, goes.

  • here's the ideal draft if achievable...you only have seven rounds these days.... and then you can send out invites to training camp...i believe they are called fliers/invites or whatever.....sign two STRONG O linemen...to compliment the newly acquired Gabe Carimi...Konz and Zeitler/Reiff/Martin would be nice (if available)...that's what they did in '83...this provides Cutler with much needed protection...move Garza over to his natural position....decide where Spencer fits in....he's a center by trade supposedly .....cut him if necessary......and see if Chris Williams is a bust due to injury .... cut him and his salary loose....and its all based on who goes 1st in the draft obviously...but the needs as a TEAM does not change....they need wide receivers...(free agency and Vincent Jackson plus a draft (Jeffery or Lloyd would do that) they need an O-line....they need a tight end....(draft)....they need a safety....and an end that gets after it...then Melton and newbie Peau can press the middle

  • In reply to PappaBear:

    And Urlacher's replacement/backup? #1 need on this team IMHO. We could swing Louis over to LT and start Carimi at RT and immediately upgrade our line by benching Webb ... but we have zero backup for the most important part of our Defense. We had the worst defense ever when Lac went down with his wrist.

    #1 pick must be Vontaze Burfict and we need to be ready to trade up to get him. Then we need to get Kreutz' replacement. We can pick up a LT/WR in FA .. we don't have the time to train those guys up - the Superbowl must be ours next year or not at all.

  • SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...good luck Rooster.....you're not he GM and never will be...nor will I.....but I admire your input as a true and loyal fan...its been a frustrating chain of events since 1985....buts that's due to to death of George Halas and the inept people he left his legacy to......bring back the Honey Bears and leave the football to people who KNOW football...like the Raiders are doing right now...after the passing of Big Al...

  • free agency begins in March ....and there is plenty of people available to upgrade the talent...IF the McClans and Phillips decide they want loosen up Virginia's purse strings and spend some money....the draft is toward the end of April...so if planned and done correctly ....the appropriate people should be signed and in the fold prior to the draft...obviously the Forte issue needs to be addresses 1st...Briggs needs a bump as well to keep him happy...and there are a few others that might be worth keeping short term...the key is to free up money to be able acquire 3 quality free agents PRIOR to the draft that will provide immediate results ...and I believe Vincent Jackson (WR) ...Carl Nicks (OL)....and Laurent Robinson (WR)... all PROVEN TALENT which have good shelf life left....would be a great start going into the draft ....achievable?....probably NOT due to penny pinching...but it would definitely solve immediate problems... and allow the Bears to draft a few starting young O-linemen that make an immediate impact and keep Cutler clean...one good linebacker would be nice to replace the weak link Nick Roach...another next year ....this kid Manti Te'o from ND is a beast ...along with a few others to watch...Coby Fleener (TE) from Stanford would be an excellent addition as well...if we can get 3-5 starters out the draft...we have 2 third round picks...2-3 quality free agents...cut all the dead weight...and tweak the the talent we already have...we can compete with anyone in the league NEXT year....that's a BIG IF....

  • WELL...what's up Rooster?....lets hear your opinions now that Brandon Marshall is a Bear ...the signing that have taken place...and where you would proceed with the draft...

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