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A Festivus Miracle!

Hello Dr. Sydney Friedman, I just had a dream where I went back in time and lost all my material posessions and people that passed away started reappearing…..I had none of things I have now and was much happier with the people back……note to self: show appreciation for the people you still have as you’ll... Read more »

Wreck Da' (Halas) Halls" (a parody of "Deck the Halls")

Wreck da halls with drafts of Jerry, Wah ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha. It’s da’ season to fire Jerry, Wah ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha. Don we now our Bears apparel Wah ha ha, ha ha ha, ha ha ha. Roll the dice with Caleb Hanie, Wah ha ha... Read more »

Cheer Ald. Sposato (36th) Not Jeer Him Over UNO Charter School

Ald. Nicholas Sposato (36th) should be given an ‘atta boy’ instead of criticism and jeers for asking to delay a vote allowing the United Neighborhood Organization (UNO, a politically connected group) to build a charter school in his ward. I can understand Sposato’s stance and respect his decision to seek more time and information before... Read more »

Jerry (Angelo) the Sun-Tanned GM : Lyrics (to the tune of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer)

Jerry, the sun-tanned GM has a very shiny tan. And if you ever saw him, you would even say he glows. All of the other GMs laugh at him and trade him bums. They never let poor Jerry draft for any Pro-Bowl gems. Then one dismal Tuesday morn The McCaskeys came to say: “Jerry with the... Read more »

The Taste of Chicago at US Cellular Field?

Why not have the Taste of Chicago at UC Cellular Field this year? It’s not as “far-fetched’ of an idea as some might think it is, and here’s why: – The Taste usually runs the last part of June and into July. In 2011, the Taste ran (10) days from June 24 through July 3.... Read more »

Stumbling Bears (parody of Jingle Bells)

Sludging through the mud In a Mike Martz led game plan Losin’ the fields we go Stumbling all the way Plays in the playbook stink Making QBs cringe What fun it is to pass A idling ‘O’ tonight Oh, stumbling Bears, stumbling Bears Stumbling all the way Oh, what fun it is to pass In... Read more »

Cubs should wear Santo's #10 in 2012

Ron Santo being elected into Baseball’s hall of Fame is SWEET, not bittersweet as Cubs owner Tom Ricketts and many people have called his induction. It’s SWEET because Ron had ‘sweet swinging’ Billy Williams strongly pushing for his induction. It’s SWEET because now we (fans) get to keep the spirit of the ‘Pizza Man’ alive... Read more »