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Seattle Seahawks at Chicago Bears Game Preview

Seattle Seahawks at Chicago Bears Game Preview
The game plan to beat the Seahawks feels exactly, almost EXACTLY the same the Bears implemented against the Vikings. Shut down their big running back. Shut down their pass rush. Win. The Bears did the former in 2011, silencing Marshawn Lynch. They did a poor job on the latter and Caleb Hanie vomit to the... Read more »

Seahawks at Bears Divisional Round Preview

It is why we argue and debate from mid-February until early-September about the make-up of the roster and alignment of the coaching staff.  It is why we spend that sleepless night before opening day, like an eight year-old on Christmas Eve, anticipating the action figure he’s coveted for the weeks and months previous.  It is... Read more »

Five Potentially Game-Changing Seahawks

Sunday’s game against the Seahawks is not a gimme, despite what Steve Rosenbloom ignorantly blogs on the Tribune’s site.  There are no gimmes in the NFL playoffs.  Yes the Bears are ten-point favorites at home in the Divisional Round but they were nine-point favorites at home to same team in the 2006 postseason – a... Read more »

Seahawks at Bears Game Preview

Last week my predictions were as good as they’ve been in a couple years, coming within 8 total points of the score.  I’m feeling it again today. YOUR TODD COLLINS-LESS 2010 CHICAGO BEARSoverSeattle Seahawks Why do I like the Chicago Bears this week? I always like the Chicago Bears. I expect taking a week off... Read more »