Audibles From the Long Snapper: Tag Deadline Day Edition

Audibles From the Long Snapper: Tag Deadline Day Edition

4:00 pm EST is Franchise Tag Deadline

There are two players Bears fans should concern themselves with when it comes to today’s applications of the franchise tags: Vincent Jackson and Dwayne Bowe. Kansas City, it is believed, will tag Bowe if they can’t work out a deal by the middle of the day. A.J. Smith and the Chargers brass, however, are said to have little interest in using the tag and are said to be willing to allow VJax to enter the marketplace. If they do the Bears can’t allow themselves to be outbid. They must use the full court economic press and bring Jay Cutler the size and speed he requires on the outside. Signing Jackson would not only strengthen the receiving corps but also give Phil Emery tremendous versatility with his first round draft pick.

On Bounties…

Here is my big problem with the Saints bounty story. A year ago, during labor negotiations, the players preached solidarity. They preached they were a single organism and ownership was out to limit to their economic intake during their short-term NFL tenures. They were against the 18-game schedule for health reasons and never allowed the issue to be put on the table. They are still against rigid HGH testing and many believe it is because players depend on HGH for muscle regeneration. (Being that football is just 300-pound guys hitting each other repeatedly, I get it.) Now we find out that 1 of the 32 teams was benefitting economically from sending players to the sideline. Not just quarterbacks, either. This was tight ends and linemen and backups. Guys who play less than five years on average in the league. If you knocked ANY player out of a game, you were worthy of a bonus.

I don’t get on the moral high horse with these types of issues. But if the Bears had done this I would be incredibly embarrassed.

Sure Seems Like Mario Williams is Going to Hit Open Market

ProFootballTalk does a nice job breaking down the situation between Mario Williams and the Texans:

Given that the final year of Williams’ rookie deal had a cap number that would push his franchise tender above $22 million, that’s highly unlikely.

Making it even more highly unlikely is the fact that the Texans and Williams have yet to engage in serious negotiations, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

The Texans could tag Williams by 4:00 p.m. ET Monday, adding $22 million to their cap commitments.  The team then would have to embark on a one-week effort to clear cap space.  Candidates for restructured deals and/or pay cuts include receiver Jacoby Jones ($3 million base salary in 2012), linebackerDeMeco Ryans ($5.9 million), quarterback Matt Schaub ($7.15 million), receiver Kevin Walter ($3.5 million), and tackle Eric Winston ($5.5 million).

There are three other reasons to not keep Williams.  First, in a 3-4 defense, outside linebackers can be capably filled by a much less expensive player.  For years, the Steelers had a revolving door at the position, letting “star” players walk and reloading with guys who had the ability to take advantage of a potent three-man defensive line that ties up the blockers.  The Texans will have a hard time justifying the extra money it will take to have an elite player like Williams in that role.

Mario Williams is an elite pass rusher. The whole league will want him.

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  • Bowe is still my FIRST choice.

  • First get VJax, then get Mario.

    The rest is draft icing. Done deal. Get er done emery

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    NB you bastard. I'm on DSL down here... dodgy dsl.

    Ok, I’m walking off my 5 yards now.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Its all right, you got me on the second down.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Looking at about $25M a year there MB.

    If we went after MArio then I could live with just signing Plax on the cheap and drafting a receiver in the third (if there were any manly man-sized receivers left).

  • But I wouldn't give taking VJax or Mario a SECOND thought.

  • Hey about the bounty thing...I could careless. Football is violent and paying a bonus to some players for a big hit or an interception or a forced fumble or a pancake, etc. etc. is no big deal to me. It happens and the only problem with this story is that it got leaked to the public.

    The NFL wants to portray a "family friendly" sport and I'm sorry we football fans are not going to wear the rose colored glasses they want us to. I even think I read in the "Amazing Stories form the Bears Sideline" book that one of the former Bears defensive Coordinator gave our rifle bullets for BIG hits by his players. The NFL told him to stop the practice once it got out to the press, but it's really no difference.

    VJax and Mario, DUDE! Do not get my hopes up like this!!! Both would be awesome pickups.

  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:

    +1 on the bounty thing. I don't like illegal hits, like the one on McMahon by Charles Martin, but if the hit is clean and legal and it knocks a dude out of the game, well, isn't that the whole point of football?

  • The league is cracking down for two reasons:
    1) Player safety - they want to a) minimize league exposure to lawsuits going forward by being proactice (or at least giving the appearance thereof) and b) extend the season by two reg. season games for additional revenue
    2) Salary cap - reimbursements outside of the contract structure btw players and teams is a slippery slope that would make the salary cap unenforceable. They are not going to allow anything that interferes with the business structure of the NFL in any way shape or form. And if you have a guy on the team side of things undermining a well-known directive of the league office, they will eat his fucking lunch and shit it into his coffee. Goodell has been described as "cold blooded" by some.

    I don't think for a second that the parties involved, NFLPA or NFL league offices, are doing any of this at of some real sense of moral outrage.

    That being said, I think there's a big difference between hitting a guy hard in the context of the game and hitting a guy hard specifically with intent to injure them. Maybe I'm splitting hairs there but it's as true in other sports as it is in football. If I'm playing a pickup game and throw a moving pick on somebody, that's one thing. I was still playing within the confines of the game.
    If I know a guy has an issue with his shoulder and I yank it down hard during a rebound in an attempt to separate it, that's a criminal offense and I could be staring at jail time.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    "proactice" - sounds like an anti-head-lice medication.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    It was the quote from Ebersol in MMQB that stuck with me (props to SI for these 3 paragraphs):
    "In 2004, when Ebersol was mourning the loss of his 14-year-old son, Teddy, in a plane crash, Goodell got Paul Tagliabue and then-NFLPA head Gene Upshaw to each fund a suite in the dormitory the Ebersol family had donated to Teddy's private school in Connecticut. Dick Ebersol was overcome with emotion when he toured the dorm and saw little plaques outside the two rooms, side by side, noting the NFL's and NFLPA's generosity. It's a gesture from Goodell the Ebersol family will never forget.
    Fast-forward to the 2009 negotiations for a two-year extension, through 2013, to NBC's contract with the NFL. The NFL, according to Ebersol, was stuck on a rights fee of $600 million year for the 2012 and 2013 seasons, though NBC wasn't getting a Super Bowl in either season. Ebersol and Goodell had a few back-and-forth discussions, and Goodell finally said the NFL wouldn't accept a dime less. "There was a coldness and a 'that's it' kind of tone in Roger's voice that was chilling,'' Ebersol said.
    "At his heart,'' said Ebersol, "Roger can be a cold son of a bitch. I think the people on the other side of the negotiating table are going to hear that in the coming months. This really nice man is going to show mettle, and he's going to do what he thinks is best for the National Football League. It's what he's always done.''

  • If a guy gets his head taken clean off his body by a legal hit then so be it. Cutty getting kicked in the throat is a different story. Hard men play hard, not dirty. Obviously that doesn't apply to Butkus - but it was a different game then.

  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:

    Well, I'm SURE nothing like that went on under Buddy Ryan.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:


  • Some benchmarks to look at w.r.t. a deal with Forte. The second to last paragraph is interesting regarding cost of Lynch's deal vs. franchising Matt for two years.,0,3189837.story

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Yep - and I like Matty's odds of playing through his contract much more than Lynch's odds of playing through his.

  • Guys, put both feet on earth.... or Vjax or Mario.....meanwhile we buy Mario,I wouldn´t care Draft picks and the rest of FA anymore this year.

  • In reply to elcaney:

    If we get Mario.. I wouldn't mind building our offense through the draft or seeing FA next year.

    Mario Williams, Julius Peppers, Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs, Charles Tillman.... Damn.. I like it a lot better than our offensive side...which tells me we are going after V.Jackson.

  • We could just use our defense for scoring in that case.

    No matter what they do in FA, Plax becomes a value for money acquisition if they pursue Mario. We need two new receivers if we do get a true #1 though because that #1 guy can be taken out of the game, then we'd still need a guy on the other side to throw the ball to.

    V-Jax seems a little too pricey. If we want him and Mario then trading Forte is the only way out of it. Choosing Plax with Colston/Meachem can get done for the same price. So why would we go with Jackson when we could have two guys?

  • In reply to elcaney:

    English. Speak. Much?

  • I reread my sentence ten times thinking what in the hell did I do wrong.. then I saw who you replied to.

  • hahahaha, sorry guys, but I´m in "Battery Down" mood, today.

    I´m agree with R2, in case we hire Mario. and any of these guys Steve Johnson, Pierre Garcon, Laurent Robinson, Robert Meachem, and even Plax, would improve our WR

  • In reply to elcaney:

    I like Robinson, he's not big, but he's likely going to be cheap. To go after Mario we could hire Robinson/Plax and still have some talent/height.

  • hee hee

  • adbrandt Andrew Brandt
    Foster's deal --$43.5M, $20.75M gteed - mimics DeAngelo Williams deal in July -- $43M, $21M gteed. Foster was RFA, Williams was UFA.

    Get ready for Forte to want more money now.

  • vaughn mcclure ‏ @vxmcclure23 Reply Retweeted Favorite · Open
    Even some Bears thought there was a strong possibility Avril was going to be a teammate next season.

    Sounds more like we want to get a

  • NJPanthers12 ‏ @NJPanthers12 Reply Retweeted Favorite · Open
    Just got big time news. The New England Patriots have a huge offer prepared for Vincent Jackson and will offer it to him the first day of FA

    WE are going after Mario and some second tier player... I don't know how tell V.Jackson he will do better here. They have every position locked down on the offensive side.

  • I really think VJax is overrated. He had a few monster games last season but disappeared in a bunch of games too. He is a beast with the jump ball and he runs a pretty good slant as well. I would still take Mario over him. Pickup Colston and another 2nd tier WR then replenish in the draft. I would be happy either way.

    I just hope it does not turn into the FA of last season. I kept waiting for the Bears to make splash and we got Jack Shit!

  • In reply to Vicp71:

    I agree. Vincent's not worth ten million when he does a Greg Olsen every second game. We get a tall second tier guy, maybe two. Get Mario. Go to the superbowl.

    If we did get Mario that should not preclude us from drafting Ming as backup though. If I look at the NYG the only things that stand out are their receivers and the DL. We could overtake their DL if we had Pep/Mario/Ming. Another two good receivers and Cutty's talent would bring us on a par with their passing game. I think we sweep the Packers next year unless they do something radical on defense.

  • Is this from the same source that told you Forte had a long term deal ready,and was not going to be franchised? Is your source a voice inside your very own head Artoo? I think it's the cryptonite fuckin with ya my man!

  • heee heee

  • Nah, different guy, but that other source was pretty solid and was backed up by YourBoyRoy. I haven't posted many of his predictions in awhile though.

  • Hey you ever use your arms in your golf swing?

    I am all arms and I can't get out of it.

  • After watching some tape of Stephen Hill.. He really did only run a few routes and must of his highlights are deep post and a go. Before I get shot.. he reminds me of a faster Roy and "hopefully" better hands.

    He is very raw.. I can bet a geek who plays madden all the time knows more routes than him. No joke. To be fair, he has speed, finds the ball very well, and if it was man to man.. he beat them with a go or deep post.

    He would take over Mr.Knox's spot if he can't come back and has drawn comparisons to players..Moss and Heywardbey. The most I would give up for him if I was a GM and I didn't want to lose my job.. 2nd round. Maybe I trade my third and second to move up for him..but he will need work.

  • Like I said before, the guy flat admitted he has never, ever run an out pattern before.

    He is not going to be a dude that teams bring in as a #1 in his first year. He is an investment for teams that can afford to develop him. We don't have that kind of time. If he's there in the late second or early third? Yes.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    In many ways Hill is like a Damaryius Thomas on the Broncos. Thomas is 6'3 224 and was reported to run a 4.4 (approx) and had limited route running experience.

    Thomas still was the 22nd pick (ahead of Dez Bryant).

    Some team will gamble on Hill around that range. Al Davis wasn't the only one who got seduced by size and speed.

  • Good point.

  • That's what she said!

  • Madden? Hester. Route one. Rarely fails.

  • He's definitely a project, and not somebody we should expect to produce in year one. Size and speed though, has to be respected. I don't watch college ball - what were Calvin and Andre Johnson like in college?

  • Calvin and Andre were man beasts. They not only had size/speed but produced.

    That's the difference between the Damaryius Thomas/Hills vs Andre/Calvin. Production.

    Both Thomas and Hill played in an Option O, so there's that argument. Even so, it took Megatron, like what, 2 years to get PB good?

    Hill would at least take that long, logic dictates...

  • I think Jeff sees why I want to go after Mario.

    DaBearsBlog ‏ @dabearsblog
    ...I think Emery knows he can't find Mario Williams midway through first round. I bet he thinks he can draft a quality WR at half VJax price

    I trust Emery to draft the next Bowe, White, and V.Jackson. I doubt he will find the next Mario Williams.

    Get Mario and build around him and Cutler.

  • I think the reverse is true. Give me a guy that can play DE now in the draft, and I'm not even necessarily thinking it has to be a first rounder with as deep as this draft is, and pick up a guy that is a starting WR in FA.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    me too

  • Jeff has called for a DB over DE. It's the other way around. Our DBs are plenty good enough if the QB is on his back 50% of the time.

  • Something else about the bounty issue...there are going to be plenty of players who initially told the league security office one thing a couple of years ago in regards to this and are now going to get questioned again. Only, this time, those players have evidence that indicates they participated.
    I would not want to be in their shoes right now b/c the NFL will really drop the hammer on guys that obstructed the original investigation.

  • Jeff, thanks for setting up the party in the last post. I"ll see you on thursday, April 26th. Haven't been to that place since it was the Leopard Lounge a while back. It looks much improved. They are on a 10 best burger list, which can't be a bad sign.

    Maybe we can vote on Funniest Blog Poster, Crankiest Poster (I nominate Irish), Biggest Single Issue Poster, Most Prolific Poster. I nominate myself for Biggest Lurker/Occasional Poster.

  • Adam Schefter ‏ @AdamSchefter Reply Retweeted Favorite · Open
    Colts trying to sign DE Robert Mathis to a new deal but if they can't, they told him they will use franchise tag on him by today's deadline.

  • Frank Omiyale drawing interest...

    Is the universe out of whack?

  • We signed Orlando Pace, Chester Taylor and Manofmoolah....I am not going to throw stones.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    I could give you a legitimate reason for each of those signings. Granted they all sucked and failed but I can see why we went after them.

    Tell me why or what you see in Frank Omiyale?

  • If you have Seattle's offensive line, anybody with a pulse probably looks worthy of a shot.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    there is no resonable answer to want Frank the tank on your team. I just thank the 8lb baby jebus that he's not our fucking problem any more.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    reason. damn it.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Some other coach with an Oline worse than ours thinks. "Decent guy. Just needs to be coached up". The problem is, who has a worse Oline than us, Frank played aweful, and if Tice can't coach him up, no one can.

    Maybe the Rams for depth?

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    we also signed Frank Omiyale. don't forget that one.

  • Mah biltong is on the way - shipped today.

    The review will be in whenever it gets here.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    nice. I just had a huge dry cut of Bontebok today. Awesome. Simlpy awesome.

  • Williams provides that leverage in your defensive game plan.

    There is no question WRs Vincent Jackson and Marques Colston will demand big paydays if they aren’t re-signed or franchised by their clubs as the NFP’s Joe Fortenbaugh wrote today. Attractive options at a position of need for multiple clubs.

    But if Williams is on the market, we are looking at one of the top players in the league that provides an immediate upgrade at a prime position vs. today’s NFL offenses.

    Follow me on Twitter: @MattBowen41

  • it´s going to be a shoot out for Mario, Hope Emery have balls to play at that level.

  • Chris Harris ‏ @ChrisHarrisNFL
    CosignRT @JerryAzumah: Mike Brown is up there. “@JamesRimmer3: @JerryAzumah most passionate player you've played with or against? #askjerry”

  • Do the Bears still have plans for Corey Wooten? He was pencilled in as our 3rd end last year, and then he got hurt in the first preseason game, and disapeared for the whole season. What about Izzy? Are we re-signing that cat? I think it'd be a mistake to let him walk. He's been a solid team player for the last decade it seems.

  • I think Wooten is in a make or break year. He's going to be given one more chance, and if he get's injured, again, or fails to produce by midseason, he's getting cut for some practice squad guy. Wooten may even be battling for a roster spot in preseason.

    Izzy I don't expect will be resigned, unless he comes real cheap. He's kinda like the new Alex Brown. Solid. Good Character. But older and unspectacular. I think after seeing Gmen's 3 stud DEs win the SB that the Bears feel that position needs to improved dramatically. That's why there's serious reports about Mercilus being on our draft radar.

  • It's the way forward. Push all-in on MArio and drat MErcilus. We were scoring 30+ points a game with the shit we had last year (pre-injury-fest). Add a pass rush to that, along with Tice's sensible offense, audibles and roll-outs and happy days are here again.

  • Sorry, repost, but maybe got lost in the broken down partay thread...

    This BountyGate fiasco is opening up a Pandora's Box...

    I have mixed feelings about it. As a forner player (not college), I understand the Greg Williams of the world. Who hasn't had a Greg Williams type coach? I heard "Knock his god damn head off!" so many times, I began to think it was my Indian given name.

    And as a former player, nothing's sweeter than crunching a guy, then not seeing him get up. It's barbaric - it's primative - but I suppose football attracts these types.

    After all, it was Butkus who said, "When I played pro football, I never set out to hurt anyone deliberately - unless it was, you know, important, like a league game or something."

    I would argue that 99% of all football players (and fans) feel the same way. When Peppers took that shot against Rodgers in the Championship game, that was a Butkus shot. Pepp wanted to take him out of the game, make no bones about it. And all of us would have jumped off our couches had Rodgers been knocked out of that game. Instead, they got to our guy, but we didn't bitch about it. That's just the way it goes, esp in a rivalry game to determine who goes to the SB.

    However, there's a BIG difference between hurting, and injuring a player, and a big difference between injuring someone accidentally and doing so for cash.

    Going for knees, stepping on throats, late hits, crack backs, those are all cheap shops that should not be tolerated, much less financially rewarded. If someone in a pickup game hits me so hard that I crack a rib, well, that's just the way it goes. But if someone steps on my throat, one of us is not going to be standing real soon.

    I think a fair punishment would be to take away the Saints 2nd rounder this year, next years 1st and 3rd, and a 1mil fine right off the bat.

    However, bigger issues than just playing dirty are at stake, and here is where it can get real bad for the Saints.

    - The Saints were warned. It's like a cop letting you off for speeding, then 3 yrs later, he finds out that you were not only speeding, but drag racing through the streets the entire time. Goodell must be seething.

    - How far back should Goodell go? Does he just single out Greg Williams ex/teams? There are reports now that Peyton Manning's neck problems may have began when a Redskin (while Williams was DC) hit him during a game...if so, can Peyton actually sue? If it wasn't for his injury, no doubt the Colts don't Suck for Luck and he continues to collect his $100,000,000 contract...that sounds like a Lawyer's wet dream.

    - Add some murky underworld New Orleans character with two federal indictments chipping into the bounty, and what we got here is some made for tv flick. The NFL is VERY hardline about the cap. It's like Big Worm on "Friday" - "You fuck with my money - you fuck with my emotions." The NFL takes away draft picks for questionable cap maneuvers in itself, yet alone player and non-employees circumventing it.

    - Like MBP said, this couldn't have come at a WORSE time for the Saints, as multiple lawsuits are being filed against the NFL by former players (including Hunter Hillenmeyer) which can cost the league BILLIONS.

    This could get really messy.

  • Oh, and it gives me an excuse to repost this sweet hit by Pepp on Double Douche.


  • Hadn't noticed that Lance got a little whack in there too ::-)

  • VJAK & MARIO...get some E-Train!!!!

  • BYE BYE BOWE.............

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    I'm sure this has been posted :

    bye bye Stevie Johnson

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    On the plus side, this could mean that CB Carr hits FA.

    He'd be a GREAT addition, but way too expensive for Lovie scheme.


    E-TRAIN GET IT DONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lord knows there is PLENTY of outright +hypocrisy to go around on "BOUNTYGATE", but the one that I'm REALLY sick of is the convenient, self-serving rationalization of players, both former and current is THIS nonsense:

    "Oh, I'm not (wasn't) tryin' to INJURE a guy, I just want(wanted) to knock him out of the game." Ohhhh. In that case it's OK.

    SHADDAP with that! Don't pee on my leg and tell me raining!

    Quit trying to convince us (and yourselves) that any sort of line even exists between those two concepts.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    AL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....................................... what it's not raining?! LOL!!!!

    that's almost as good as "Is that a gun in you pants or are you just happy to see me...hahahahaha

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    Mae West ."SHE DONE HIM WRONG" 1933.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    tee hee hee!

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    "Golden Showers"! (Don't google it lol).

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Ah 1933, the year that the U.S. Federal government received a bridging loan from the 'Federal' Reserve, where the national parks and forests, all Federal territories and the citizen's birth certificates present and future were to be held as collateral on the loan which could never be paid off and has resulted in .....



  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Oh, and Sean Peyton, renowned "detail man" didn't know ANYTHING about what his DC had going.

  • Actually, I can sum up BountyGate in 40 seconds courtesy of "The Karate Kid". The Sensei is played by Greg Williams, and the pupil is the Saint's D.

    No Mercy!

    Sweep the Leg

  • Adam Schefter ‏ @AdamSchefter
    Steelers WR Mike Wallace was not franchised, meaning he will receive first-round tender and another team can sign him to offer sheet.

  • Jeremy Stoltz ‏ @BearReport
    No #Bears scouts were present at Georgia's Pro Day. Team apparently not interested in OL Cordy Glenn in 1st round.

  • ProFootballTalk ‏ @ProFootballTalk
    Decision to dump Saints-Vikings replay makes NFL look like it has something to hide

  • Jason La Canfora ‏ @JasonLaCanfora
    Chargers decided not to franchise Vincent Jackson. Would be cap prohibitive right now. Still hope to sign him #insideslant

  • Okay, am I the only one here who thinks V-Jax is over-priced and would cost us in terms of upgrading other areas? What does V-Jax give us that a Meachem+Plax combo wouldn't.

    Yes, we need some cars. Do we need a DeLorean ? A strange curiosity with the illusion of grandeur and quality? Or would two Ford Mustangs not suffice instead?

  • Dude, I hate to tell you this, but VJax is a fucking Ferrari my man. Make no mistake… take that to the bank from a guy who has been forced to watch fucking chargers games on Sunday for most of his adult life.

    That said, Ferraris cost a holy sheitload, and we probably can't afford a ferrari this year – even though he would immediately solve our #1 WR over the last… forever actually, woes.

    We will probably have to settle for a subaru WRX-type in Meachum or plax (although plax is more like that Ferrari 308 GTB S… that Magnum PI used to drive… that was the sheit when it came out, but now it’s old and loud… but still fast and handles well).

  • go for him!!!

  • Adam Schefter ‏ @AdamSchefter
    Players NOT tagged include Packers QB Matt Flynn, G Carl Nicks, WRs Vincent Jackson, Marques Colston and Reggie Wayne, DE Mario Williams.

  • So, are we going to be in a bidding war with the Pats for Vjax?

    Even though they have approx. the same cap space as the Bears, why would Vjax not want Brady chucking it to him? (besides $).

    Colston is a solid WR, but I have a few concerns about him. A. He's been injured a bit. B. is he a product of Brees throwing 40 passes a game. C. He won't stretch the D like Vjax would. D. How much will he cost?

    Stevie Johnson just signed a a five-year, $36.25 million contract extension. His 2011 stats (which to me seem very Knox-ish)

    2011 STATS

    Rec 76
    Yds 1004
    TD 7
    Avg 13.2
    Long 55
    YAC 325

    If Colston can be signed for Stevie Johnson $ and not Fitz $, I think it would be a solid move. But if Colston wants to cash in, then maybe we go the Meachem route.

  • If we go after Mario or Jackson, we will be in a bidding war with a lot of teams.

  • I have Mario at $15M, V-Jax at $10M, which is why the two together are not a possible scenario. Not unless you don't sign anyone else and get all your draft picks to work for love.

  • Bob Kravitz ‏ @bkravitz
    Just in: Colts and Robert Mathis have reached a tentative agreement on a long-term contract. He will not be franchised.

  • Colts and Robert Mathis trying to finalize a long-term deal but as a precaution, Colts used their franchise tag on him. Not going anywhere.

  • Here’s look at what’s left:

    1. Defensive end Mario Williams — Has 53 career sacks and is only 27 years old. Williams will be the most aggressively pursued free agent once the signing period opens on March 13.

    2. Wide receiver Vincent Jackson — Big-play receiver with rare size and vertical skills. Jackson averages 17.5 yards per reception for his career and is a legit No. 1 wideout. The Chicago Bears are expected to show interest.

    3. Guard Carl Nicks — A mauler at 6-foot-5 and 343 pounds, Nicks is deceptively athletic for his size. He wants to be the NFL’s highest paid interior offensive lineman, which is reasonable because he’s only 27 years old and one of the top three guards in football.

    4. Cornerback Cortland Finnegan — Finnegan is one of the top slot corners in the game, a playmaker (15 career interceptions), and an aggressive, efficient tackler. Versatile enough to hold his own outside against top NFL receivers, Finnegan is the premier cornerback on the market.

    5. Tackle Jared Gaither — Gaither has a checkered history in terms of health and mental reliability, but he’s built like Jonathan Ogden with All-Pro caliber talent. The Chargers want him back, and their sense of urgency will increase if they’re forced to release longtime left tackle Marcus McNeill.

    6. Guard Ben Grubbs — Grubbs is only a one-time Pro Bowler (2012), but he’s consistently played at a Pro Bowl-caliber level as a 70-game starter in Baltimore. Grubbs is fundamentally sound and athletic enough to appeal to both power- and zone-blocking teams.

    7. Wide receiver Brandon Lloyd — Lloyd has been an NFL late bloomer and turns 31 before the season, but he’s amassed 2,414 receiving yards and scored 16 touchdowns over the past two seasons amid turbulent quarterback play.

    8. Cornerback Brandon Carr — Carr is Finnegan’s primary competition to be the top-rated cornerback on the market. Though not a big playmaker in coverage (eight career picks), Carr has plus size (6-foot, 207) and experience as both a press-man and zone corner.

    9. Wide receiver Marques Colston — Colston has been incredibly productive in New Orleans, but there are buyer-beware warnings. He turns 29 before the season, has undergone five career knee surgeries, and racked up stats as a single-covered slot receiver in the Saints’ spread offense. Colston is not a vertical threat.

    10. Quarterback Matt Flynn — Flynn has started only two career games, but he engineered a Week Seventeen shootout win over the playoff-bound Lions and narrowly lost to the Patriots in 2010. He’s thrown nine career touchdown passes compared to five interceptions while averaging a robust 7.69 yards per attempt.

  • John Clayton ‏ @ClaytonESPN
    I think the Bears will make a big run at Vincent Jackson

  • I think they absolutely won't Mr. Clayton. Why would they pay the guy more than Forte to show up once in a while only to get double-covered. Who do we throw it to in that scenario. It's back to Roy Williams again. We need two FA WRs not one expensive one IMHO.

  • Zach Zaidman ‏ @ZachZaidman
    #Bears were extremely interested in Vincent Jackson leading up to 2005 NFL Draft. Safe to say they're likely still very much interested.


    E-TRAIN GET SOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    The U-T San Diego expects V-Jax to command annual pay in the $10-12 million range across five seasons. Speaking relatively, it's reasonable money for a true difference maker in the passing game. Should the Bears land Jackson, their draft pick at No. 19 overall could be used on an offensive or defensive lineman. Mar 5 - 5:58 PM
    Source: John Clayton on Twitter

  • R2...I LIKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eh, their pick will will be used on OL or DL regardless of who they sign, Mr.Clayton.

  • E-Train should have #1 & #2 taken care of end of business TODAY!!!!!!


  • In reply to lobotobear:

    sorry here's the link:

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    and frosting on the cake...take on #3 also!!!!

    if all stars in alignment for these...I'd sheite a Volkswagen!!!!!

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    Hug that dream, Lobo.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    I know SC...I know....all we can is dream brah...All we can do is dream...


    From Biggs

  • R2 love this:

    Chairmain of the board George McCaskey has pledged the resources necessary if Emery wants to swing big.


  • MB....can you go over to V-JAK's and offer him a lifetime of Lou Malnati's Pizza, Gene's & Judes and Double Combo's from Buona Beef.

    Tell him that the West Coast Food isn't worth anything compared to Chi-Town baby!!!!

    p.s. We'll even throw in Old Style to wash it all down!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Erik Grogan ‏ @ErikGrogan
    @yourboyroy Thank you for saying that. #Bears wanted Avril and I hope they want M.Williams.. He would be a nice young DE to build around

  • Vaughn McClure said the Bears were going to go after V.Jackson AND Cliff Avril.

    If the Bears wanted to get both.. This is the ultimate pipe dream and I would pass out for a few days.

    V.Jackson and Mario Williams on the Bears squad? Holy shit.

  • Arvil has been tagged...

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    I know Lobo, Avril was going to demand close to what M.Williams wanted. Thus, if they wanted to go get Avril and Jackson then my dream of Jackson and M.Williams look real

  • FU Bills...

  • from the file of..."I sheite myself from laughing to hard"

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    The comments on that article are hillarious.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    “He can play both guard and tackle”. More accurate would be: “He sucks at two positions equally, and if a team needs a guy to suck at center, he will do his best”

    That comment HAD to be made by a Bears fan!

  • "Have they ever considered looking into a quarterback?

    Omiyale can probably 'play' quarterback too, just like 'he can play both guard and tackle.'"

  • "Someone should call Jay Cutler for a job reference."

  • I wonder more and more if Mike Wallace isn't the best use of our #1 pick. If we get Wallace for, say 6 years at the cap rate of $9.25, that still could leave enough space for a run at Mario. Most likely, with Forte's contract also in the $7 million a year range, we're not going to fit under cap, but it could be possible.

    Wallace is likely as good as any WR we'll get at #19, and there is significantly less risk taking a known quantity than an extremely risky first round draft pick. Wallace will cost probably $3-5 million less per year in cap space than V-Jax, and arguably is an even better pickup.

    Assume V-Jax gets $15 million this year to play for the Bengals. Maybe also assume Mario gets $15 million to play somewhere else as well. Do we target Wallace or do we play the draft?

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    New Bear, it all depends on how much the Steelers are going to offer Wallace. They are cap strapped, but they just dumped a few players to make a good bid on Wallace.

    I'm guessing that it'll be at least $10 mil/year, which would be cheaper than Vjax, although it would cost us our 1st. The problem is that the Bears may have to outbid other teams, not least of which is the Bengals who might be highly motivated to plunder from a division rival. They have twice as much cap space as us and own two 1st round picks.

    In addition, I really doubt that former College Scout Emery likes the idea of beginning his tenure by trading away his 1st rounder. I could be wrong, but most college scouts believe they can find the next Wallace through drafts - that's just the way they're built.

  • I tend to agree that Emery will not want to lose his first 1st rounder. As a college scout, he wants to draft the next pro-bowl rookie. Plus, he wants to separate from Angelo's legacy of poor 1st round selections. But its a good exercise to consider.

    On the cap side... if we can't get Wallace, we can't get V-Jax either. Anyone who wants Wallace will look to V-Jax first to keep the draft pick.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    In that scenario, who's our jump ball guy? Wallace is six feet tall right? So he's our speedster then, but where does our tall guy coem from. Should we give up a first to get a six footer when we can have Meachem at 6'2 who might be as fast and we don't ahve to give up a first rounder for.

    No to giving up picks when we don't need to.

    {Enough already with the 6'5 receiver stuff}

    No. Never. Not 'til we get one. We are an incomplete offense, and always will be, until we do get one. Once you take your QB's ability to just heave it downfield and have your guy go up and get it, then you are doing him and your franchise a huge dis-service IMHO.

  • Michael C. Wright ‏ @mikecwright
    So one high-ranking personnel guy who knows Emery well & one coach think Bears won't go after V-Jax. Several others say differently.

  • If Emery neglects Vjax I can only guess that he already has targeted a WR through the draft who he thinks will be Bowe-ish (most likely Floyd) and will trade up if necassary.

    If that's the case, I still hope he signs Meachem.

    A Floyd-Meachem-Bennett combo ain't too shabby, and all three would prob cost as much as one Vjax.

  • He's definitely clearing cap space for somebody. If it isn't Wallace or V-Jax, its Mario. But I expect Mario or V-Jax might price us out of the market for Meachem.

  • .... but still doesn't give us a 6'4/6'5 receiver.

    {@$#! IRISH!}


  • C'mon Irish. In the Floyd/Meachem/Bennet scenario, Floyd is the stud big bodied WR.

    4.47 40
    16 bench reps
    36 inch vertical

    Not man enough for you?

    Check out his jump balls here...

    Just for Irish

  • Okay, NBIT off-season blue print: Mike Wallace edition.

    Assume Forte's contract (if he signs a contract) will not exceed the salary cap number we're paying him. Total cap space: $28 million.

    Mike Wallace - $9.3 million (roughly = franchise tag)
    Plaxico Burress - $1.5 million

    Forte - $7.7 million (franchise tag)
    Corey Graham - $1 million (pro-bowl special teams leader)
    Izzy Idonije - $1.5 million (most likely cap casualty, but a great #3 DE)
    Tim Jennings - $500K (another possible cap casualty)
    Khalil Bell - $1.1 million (3rd round tender)
    Kellen Davis, Craig Steltz, Chris Massey - $1.9 million for all 3 total (possible 2 year deals for each).
    Shaun Hill, Josh McCown - $1 million each (Hill probably gets 2 years)
    Space Under Assumed Cap = $1.5 million

    Extra cap space should leave enough to pay draft picks with a little trim here or there. We could also use some of the extra space as a signing bonus to extend Cutler for another 2 years (his contract expires in 2014).

    Round 1 - Traded for Mike Wallace
    Round 2 - Vinny Curry (DE)
    Round 3a - Travis Lewis (OLB)
    Round 3b - Jerel Worthy (DT)
    Round 4 - Brandon Mosley (OT)
    Round 5 - Donnie Fletcher (CB)
    Round 6 - Derek Moye (WR)
    Round 7 - Greg McCoy (CB/KR)

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    I take issue with two items NB (and I don't like this whole scenario):

    1. I know we have no clue what the real number is but I'm hoping it's closer to $34 than $28

    2. The only oline help we get is a 4th round tackle?

    If we go this route, we're looking for trouble on both sides of the ball. NO oline help means our shiny new WRs won't have a QB to throw to them for long, and no dline help means our lack of a DB pick up till the 5th will keep our d where it is instead of improving it greatly.

    We need to go another route than the above. If we're going to give up our #1, we getting come out with more than just MWallace and plax.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I initially had us taking Kelechi Osemale (who I really like) in the 2nd, but I figured possibly releasing Izzy for cap space made DE the top priority.

    The problem is, there really aren't a whole lot of great tackle prospects where we're sitting in rounds 2 or 3. The D guys I pegged in 2 and 3, on the other hand, could all be great players.

    Thing is, somebody is getting left out of this draft. If we swap Jerel Worthy and Vinny Curry for a Osemali and a corner, we're neglecting the D-line. We swap Travis Lewis (who some say looks like a young Lance Briggs) and we're still thin at LB. Every team has holes, this draft would count on the improved pass rush and linebackers to cover for mediocre DBs. Plus, we'd have a healthy Carimi and a Tice's better scheming to improve the line.

    But you're right, it ain't perfect. And I might be too generous only paying $9.3 for Wallace.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    True, can't fix every hole left by Angelo in one year.

    Osemale is very good, and we'd be lucky to get him in the 2nd, but we have like 4 guards (C.Williams, L. Louis, Spencer, Garza, E. Williams), so in the 2nd (if we use #19 for a WR), I think an LT, DE, or CB would be a better route for us.

    Possible 2nd rounders at those positions available.

    OT Zebrie Sanders

    DE Vinny Curry

    CB Alfonso Dennard

    Given our past draft priorities, I'd guess in the 2nd we'll go Dline, then in the 3rd pick up a cover 2 CB and a project OT.

    Which in the 4rth would mean we get a LB, 5th Safety, 6th WR, 7th LB/CB/WR for sp teams.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    That is one pooched draft. That's a franchise killer.

    Emery doesn't appear to be stupid.

    1. He will not draft a WR in the first.
    2. He will not give up picks to get us a player.
    3. He won't over-pay a receiver.
    4. Giving Mario $15M isn't over-paying him, it's called getting your man and giving you the best defense in the National Football League. He will pursue this because it's a fkn no-brainer. You have the cash, you pay the man.

    These are all good things.

    In Emery we trust.

    Mike Wallace or V-Jack scenarios shoot us in the foot.

  • In response to the "they'll just double V-Jax" comments. If you're an NFL defense who's just commited your corner and strong safety to V-Jax, you better be pretty nervous if Hester lines up on the other side, which means your free safety is playing deep. Now you've got 7 guys in the box against Forte and 7 blockers - not a comfortable situation.

    If Bennett lines up as the flanker, you're looking at firmly committing your CB to him. Now a linebacker has to make a play if Forte or Davis suddenly cuts inside for a short pass over the middle. Again, not a comfortable situation.

    Just because V-Jax isn't going to make the catch doesn't mean he can't help out the offense.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    This is why I think Vjax is much 1 star extra than Colston. He commands double teams and clears safeties from the box.

    I keep hearing that Vjax "sometimes disappears from games." That's inaccurate. Living in L.A. I was stuck watching the Chargers a lot, and I can tell you, Vjax doesn't just "disappear." What happens is that the opposing team specifically game plans to take him out of the game by doubling him and roll all their coverage towards him. Even Megatron can be taken out of a game at times.

    And what happens when the other team shemes to minimize Vjax ? Gates, Floyd, Brown and Matthews/Tolbert rack up great fantasy numbers.

    Vjax on the Bears would only make Forte, Davis, Bennett that much more dangerous. Only question really: how much will that cost?

  • Okay, granted. He was being double-covered as opposed to giving up. But last year I saw Hester and Knox taken out of games by solid corner play. No double teams.

    So Vincent gets the attention, but Cutty is still having to throw it to crappy receivers (bar Bennett) as a result. Ergo we need more receivers not one really expensive receiver.

    Come to think of it, I'm coming back around on Marshall. Brandon + Plax = $9M/$10M. Draft Mercilus + OL/whatever in the first two rounds, give up our thirds to the Dolphins. We could still get Mario.

    We've got awesome receivers now and the best defense in the NFL. Cost = $25M

    Presumably there's more cap space than that so we could still get dudes in.

  • You like Davis - he'd be a 6'7 behemeth in single coverage.

    Bennett also is a 3rd down machine, esp if one guy is on him.

    Also, imagine what damage Clutts + Forte could do when the other team doesn't stack 8 in the box.

    We ran for 2,000 yds last year withou even a #2 WR threat.

    Vjax would improve the entire O, much like Pepp improved the entire D. Cost about as much too.

  • Irish, you're forgetting that we have to pay Forte. He's been franchised, so we're closer to $20 million under the cap, not $28.

    If Miami would take both 3rds for Marshall, I'd do it in a heartbeat. But I just don't see it happening.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    Thing is Hester hasn't got a clue how to take advantage of what he sees in the backfield, and hasn't got the height to take advantage of a lot of situations.

    Signing V-Jax requires that you still have top receivers to throw to. He's covered, taking the day off - whatever - you go elsewhere. But where? Hester/Knox ? Back to square one.

    We go the tier two route however - pick up Colston+Plax or Meachem+Plax - and we still have options if one of them is doubled in a game-plan. Bennett in the slot with Forte out of the back-field ... it's all good.

  • We're not in Cap Heaven (?)

    By most estimates, the Bears have between $25-$30 mil in the bank. We'll call it $28 mil for simplicity's sake.

    However, they have to look long term before they go all in like the Redskins, Eagles and Vikings did in years prior.

    Forte is going to cost at least $7.7. If one goes by the Lynch/Foster deals, he'll cost about $9 mil. Let's just call it an even $8 mil/yr.

    That leaves the Bears with $20 mil. Not bad.

    Next, the new CBA structured draft classes cost about $5 mil give or take. We're right in the middle, but own an extra 3rd. Also, unlike other teams, the Bears rarely cut draft picks (we do have a 7th rounder starting at LT after all). Let's just call it $6 mil.

    OK. That leaves the Bears with $14 mil.

    Now comes the conjecture with FAs.

    Bears FAs who arehighly likely to be resigned.

    DT Okoye. Adams was let go to make room for him. He's going to cost about $3 mil

    HB Bell showed enough to stay on. He's going to cost roughly $1 mil.

    QB McCown. Like Bell, showed competency when called upon. Approx. cost $1 mil.

    TE Davis. Lovie and Tice talked him up. There's no one else out there. Estimated cost. $1 mil.

    S Steltz. Same boat as McCown and Bell. Also, a good SP teamer which the Bears prize, esp if Graham is let go. Price. Approx. 1.5 mil.

    CB Tim Jennings. The Bears are thin at CB, so they resign him. Approx cost. $1.5 mil.

    FAs I expect the Bears to let walk. QB Hanie, CB Graham, TE Spaeth, WR Williams, S Merriweather, DE Izzy, CB Bowman.

    After all that, according to my math challenged brain, the Bears would be down to $5 mil in cap space, naturally depending on how they structure the deals.

    Keep in mind that in the near future, Urlacher and Cutler will get new contracts, and of course, the annual Briggs bitching.

    Am I missing something here? I feel like there's some extra cash for the Bears that I'm not accounting for...However, if my figures and predictions are accurate, $5 mil doesn't seem like enough to go after a big name anything.

    (BTW, here's the link to what I based the FA estimates on)

    Bears Cap and FA

  • You're overpaying for Steltz & Davis, who each will probably get vet minimum deals worth less than $1 million. You're also probably overpaying for Okoye, who's going to be more in the $1.5-2 million range since Paea is probably the starter.

    Also, if we land one of these real big money guys, I don't see Forte getting more than his cap value. If holds out next year that would make him a cap casualty (him or Briggs anyway), but we'll see.

    The Bears are ticked off at Forte... they had the space this year to give him a signing bonus and leave room in this years cap for a splash. Instead, Forte was greedy and now might actually get less money total as the Bears try to fit everything in.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    New Bear, keep in mind that Okoye, Steltz and Davis are true FAs, and other teams might drive their prices up.

    Even so, in your scenario, we maybe have an extra, say, $5 mil (with Forte playing franchised in 2012, which we would never hear the end of).

    That's still like $10 mil for an FA at most. We'd be lucky to pick up Meachem with that money.

    Not to mention that we'd be like the Lions next offseason.

  • Nobody is going after Steltz. Davis or Okoye could draw some interest, but not big money. The other 31 teams have the same headaches we do making their caps work.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    Davis might get nicked by one of our divisional rivals ....

    a) just to piss us off
    b) for their knowledge of the offense

  • I keep falling into this trap and this is why I keep wondering can we really go after anyone if that is all the room we have.

    I guess it depends on how you structure those contracts..

  • The only silver lining I can see is that in 2014 the cap will increase dramatically because of the new tv contract deals, but that migh just make the player's want more too.

  • If every other analyst is saying we have that much room. I am sure we will get them signed back and get who we want.

  • That's why I'm questioning my own sanity.

    But look at the numbers. I know teams get creative with structuring, and there are ways to cook the books, but Forte and the Draft Class alone will reduce us from $28 M to $18-$14M alone.

    We're at least spending $5 M/yr on resigning our own FAs (Okoye, Davis and another back up QB not named Hanie will cost us that much at least).

    So optimistically, we'd have $13 M.

    I think the "experts" are assuming that the Bears will spend every penny of the cap, but the Bears have never done that. They always leave a "buffer" for the next season.

    I must be missing something because if this is the Bears scenario, then how the hell are the Steelers and others in cap hell gonna even be able to field a team in 2012?

  • You guys coming around to our way of thinking on Forte yet? V-Jax?

    Hire these dudes and you can literally not do much else. And certainly not go after Mario Williams.

    Two caveats on Williams though ....

    He did his hernia in 2010. That's not nothing.

    The Texans defense was better without him.

  • hernia's aren't a big deal maings. Did mine after my freshman season in college and had ZERO impact.. Haven't felt a single thing since. Non-issue.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    a torn pec at the ligament on the other hand. Ouch. He WILL have stiffness and loss of range-of-motion. I'd be much more worried about that one.

  • Oh, I'm open to trading Forte for a late 1st if Richardson is on the board because of the cap numbers I'm looking at.

    Teams can't pay a franchise MLB, QB, DE, and expect to still have enough for a franchise HB, WR and LT.

    Something has to give.

  • It would need to be a high first to get Richardson.

    So we're up to $30M in cap space - watching Roy's new vid at the mo - and if we pay (and keep) Forte his 8 that leaves 22 to sign FAs and draftees. That's not much if we pay a top end receiver. Ergo I don't think we're getting Mario (as Emery likely won't break the bank, and build through the draft as he said). Certainly not V-Jack.

    Result? A tier 2 WR signing and a bunch of smaller signings. They draft Ming.

  • plenty ways to skin cats gents. We have a great contracts guy in cliff and a new regime (kind of) who wants to break for the sheite stink of jerry A(hole).

    Some shit HAS to get done. Besides, we have some more garbage to jettison... like wooten, who's chances should be up... kick him to the curb, in his huge pez-like neck (sorry hunti).

    Also, we need to find a way to keep corey, that would be a terrible loss maings.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    If I didn't know who you really wanted to keep.. I would totally say your trying to mind fuck us.

    Corey Wooten

    Corey Graham

  • The Corey's!

  • damn it, I should have used corey instead of wooten.

  • This:!/StevieJohnson13/status/176672478544932865

    And then this:

    Wow, think cutty would do that for Marshall?

    (sidenote... holy fuck... does stevie's torso really look like that in real life? Yikes!

  • If the Saints want to workout Randy, they must be losing their receivers for sure or okay with them leaving FA.

  • He's due to visit one other team too .....

  • One other thing to consider... we're already paying big money for our splashy FA. Pep's contract is worth $12 million this year. Not a lot of teams have that much tied to one player outside of the QB position. Plus Briggs, Lach, Cutty and Peanut all have decent contracts as well (not to mention Bennett).

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:


  • Okay, another crazy scenario. This assumes we can't get V-Jax or Mario in FA due to the cap just being too hard to beat. When we don't make the big FA splash, Briggs gets even louder than usual. Emery doesn't want the distraction, so...

    Trade Briggs to the Eagles for their #15 first round pick, straight up.

    Draft Michael Floyd at #15, draft Mercilus at #19. Then draft (similar to above):
    Round 2 - Kelechi Osemale (G).
    Round 3a - Travis Lewis (OLB)
    Round 3b - Jerel Worthy (DT)
    Round 4 - Brandon Mosley (OT)
    Round 5 - Vontaze Burfect (OLB) [yes, he's projected this low now; or swap with Mosley who might also drop into round 5]
    Round 6 - Derek Moye (WR)
    Round 7 - Greg McCoy (CB/KR)

    Use the cap space to pick up a great CB in Brandon Carr ($9 million range); or sign Carlos Rodgers ($5 million range due to age) plus some more help at LB (maybe Erin Henderson from Minny at $2 million) and plan to go big on D in the 2013 draft.

    Now you have the cap space to extend Cutty and get Forte's long term deal done. Sucks to lose Briggs and not make a splash, but create a much healthier cap and allows for two solid first round picks.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    see, now that I can almost get behind NB.

    Although as you guys know, I'm NOT a fan of addition by subtraction... expecially with one of my favorite players. Who else do we have with Briggsy-like value? Anyone?

    Nick raoch anyone (cough... wheez)

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    Two rookie LBs in beside Urlacher this year? Hmmm.

    If we didn't go the expensive FA WR/DE route then we could pay an OT some big bucks and solve that problem at least. we can still sign Plax regardless of what the scenario is, or go after Spencer if the Cowgirls don't tag him (assuming Lance was gone).

    If we had the #15 pick do we draft Floyd though?

    Hill is faster and taller, excels at coming down with the high balls in traffic and running the vertical routes - isn't that the guy we need?

    If they move Forte there would be David Wilson available. At LB there might be Kuechly or Upshaw. What if Kirkpatrick or DeCastro fell to 15? Pass them up?

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    NB, this is a crazy scenerio because the Eagles would never give up #15 for a 31 yr old system LB who wants to get paid. Never gonna happen. The Eagles would draft Keuchly 10/10 times if they really wanted a LB.

    I do agree with us picking up Burfict in the 5th round though. At minimum he'd provide depth and be a monster on SP teams where his attitude would fit perfectly.

  • We have guards coming out the kazoo - why do we draft a guard before a tackle? Why do we draft a tackle in the 4th? Guys like that are just waiting to be cut down the road. We already have a 1st round tackle, that's where he should play until we draft a good one next year - oh wait, we still have to draft Kreutz and Urlacher's repalcements in the first round. Thanks Jerry.

  • NB, totally agree we can't fix everything this year. Thus, I'd MUCH rather put some wood behind the WR, OL, and DB positions. The dline, in my estimation, is one of our strongest units (10 years of constant picks and FA pick ups every single year will do that, even with a POS like angelo doing it).

    We all know we need a real #1 WR, I would be ok with using our 1st if a legit DE is there at 19, because as you point out, if we spend on a true #1 we can't go after Mario.

  • We've got one DE IMHO. We need three. If they spend on Mario I'd still be up for drafting Ming. They can still afford Plax for height.

    With those three additions I could care less what else happens.

  • How bout this Irish.

    We sign Vjax and finally get your 6'5 WR TD machine.

    Next, you want 3 stud DEs? OK. In FA we pick up Mark Anderson (yup, he's an FA, and had like 10 sacks last yr). Lovie realizes the error in thinking he was more than a 3rd situational DE

    #19 we draft Mercilus.

    So we have Pepp and Mercilus a majority of the reps terrorizing QBs, with Anderson spelling both and giving the Oline no reprieve.

    Then, in the 2nd round, pick up a quality WR to catch all those single coverage balls going his way because of Vjax. Which WRs you may ask? Well, take your pick. Alshon Jeffrey, Sanu, McNutt, Joe Adams, Toon, Joe Adams....

    So, now Bears have a 6'5 stud WR, a second 6'3 potential stud WR, 3 QB nightmare DEs.

    Done and Done.

  • I like the idea of Plax plus another receiver for the money we'd pay V-Jack. Plax+Vjacck or Plax + Meachem. I hear we might be sweet on Eddie Royal though.

    Anderson and Mercilus would be interesting - signing Mario is obviously sweet, but stops us from doing other things like signing a tackle.

  • Mark Anderson is 33 years old this year, but probably worth a look depending on the price. Still, I can't imagine he'll be better than Izzy, so he's not worth much money. The word on the street is he stays with the Patriots... given their good chance of a repeat trip to the Superbowl I think that's where he'll stay.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to NewBearInTown:

    Mark Anderson is 28, born in May of 83. He was our rookie in '06, where did you get 33 from?

  • I'm feeling Mercilus and a move for Stephen Hill. If he says he's going to build through the draft then these are the obvious moves. Then he can pay a tackle the big money in FA and still pick up Plax and a few other gap-fillers.

  • Artoo, you're with Roy on the destination thing? The Pats over the Bears, really ?

    If I'm V-jack I choose the Bears not the Pats. He wants a team with fewer targets on O. He wants all of the spotlight, not to share it. He wants a good defense so he actually has a chance of real success. I'd be surprised if the Pats do as well next year with such a bad defense.

    The more I think about it the less confident I am we win the Mario Williams derby.

  • Do you want Tom Brady or Jay Cutler though? The Bears need to outbid New England, that's the only way.

  • I think the issue here is. can we take it all with a 6'5 stud WR or with a stud DE? there are facts that all we know. Defense is getting older and there are many holes in offense. but we can´t fix everything and have pro bowlers in every position, even Gigants have holes. that´s why we have to remember how the last champ (Gigants) won.

    1) investing in both lines. and awesome Dline and a solind OL can drive us farther than we expect. the rute (Mario and Gaither from FA, Draft pick on DE 1 round or Poe if it´s aviable. and a searching in 3 round for a OT).

    2) solid WR, have a number 1 receiver it´s a myth, look NE and SF, the rute (Meachem, Robinson & Garcon, even Plax) would help without breaking the bank.

    3) good supporting cast, the rest of the picks unless you find a stud aviable early, take LB, CB, and so on.

    it´s my opinion....

  • fb_avatar

    Maybe he'd rather have the other offensive options so he wasn't double covered every play. Maybe he'd like to catch more than 68 passes for the first time in his career. Maybe he'd like to be on ESPN every single day benefiting from their clear east coast bias...

  • Jay Cutler plays for a team that doesn't have a good oline and soon to be run set up a pass rather than pass to set up the run.

    Tom Brady has taken his team to 6 superbowls? I remember the last player that wanted all the spotlight and jazz that went to the Patriots. Randy Moss.

  • new thread.

  • Why don't we trade or cut Briggs. #54, Roach, Cutler, Peppers, Tillman, Forte, Bennett, Gould, Podlesh, Barber, Carimi, Garza, Hester, Spaeth, Spencer, Wright and Williams x 3. That will clear up a bunch of cap space and then we can go after some good players.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    hahahaha, the best comment till now.

  • In reply to elcaney:

    even better, sale the whole team and invest in the LINGERIE FOOTBALL LEAGUE, and bring the best chicks, private dance including.

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