They're the Monsters...of the Midwaaaay

A fella named Vince Ippolito sent me this and damn did I enjoy it. [It’s available online for a dollar and totally worth having on gameday](


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  • "Monsters of The Midway" is available at

  • I love this video...
    man I can't wait for sunday!
    that carpet they played on in the 80's looks a helluva lot better then what they play on now....
    3-1 goin into the bye!!!

  • GREAT article by Mr. Haugh about Forte's "struggles" in the run game and how it's coupled by the O-line's terrible job of blocking:,0,4972992.column

  • o and cutty is on twitter now (@jaycutler6). funny funny dude too lol

  • Great find on this video. Some classic stuff right there. I love the Payton jump high five...I wish players today did that instead of the lame ass jump and bump crap they always do.

  • From THE VOICE OF (T)REASON, making his mainpage debut next Saturday.
    Everyone who isn't a 'Hawks fan--and even half of 'Hawks fans (the self-aware ones)--is talking about Sunday's game against the Bears being a 100% guaranteed, no butts about it, "gimme" win for Lovie Smith

  • lol i really wanna see what the "Voice" has to say about next week

  • i thought he'd have a harder time this week.

  • trust he does/did. good reasons though


  • In reply to vippol:

    "Monsters of The Midway" Mp3

  • In reply to vippol:

    The Bears song "Monsters of The Midway" is now available at iTunes.

  • In reply to vippol:

    "Monsters of The Midway" is available at iTunes:

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