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The Lilac Time-And Love For All

Artist/Album: The Lilac Time–And Love For All Reason For Purchase: LOVED their first 2 records! I have a copy of this, but this is a different, newer version. And for $1? A no-brainier folks! Plus I could give this to a friend, or another music lover, so it’s a win-win. Songs To Hear: “All For... Read more »

Vintage Vinyl-Best Record Store on Earth?

We took a trip to St. Louis to re-investigate the beer scene. Last time we visited, about 5 years ago, it seemed Schlafly was pretty much the only game in town. Well, things have drastically changed since then! There were 5 new brew pubs that we wanted to hit, and a few others that we... Read more »

How The Doves Got Their Name

Trying to enjoy one of those last nice days of fall, I ran home from downtown along the lake. I stopped into my favorite haunt Reckless Records to do a bit of shopping. One of the reasons I started writing this blog was due to my excitement in telling friends about all the great CD’s... Read more »

Tim Booth - Bone

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Tim Booth has one of the greatest voices in rock and roll.  No matter the content, nor the style of the music he puts out, I always take an interest.  Countless James albums and varied side projects show a writer with a stunning track record.  It’s been a long time since I owned a copy... Read more »