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30 Years Later The Charlatans Are Still Making Great Music

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Who would’ve thought The Charlatans (UK) would release some of their best music nearly 30 years after their debut record Some Friendly. When they first hit the scene, many thought they were just another Madchester band. Maybe they make a few albums, and sputter out? But that was never going to be the case with... Read more »

How Blur Went from "Leisure" to "Modern Life Is Rubbish"

How Blur Went from "Leisure" to "Modern Life Is Rubbish"
It’s hard to believe Blur went straight from the brit-pop of Leisure into the punk rock of Modern Life is Rubbish. The two albums are completely different from each other and the latter was so unexpected. At the time, there were no expectations for Blur, they could’ve been a one-off. They never showed signs of... Read more »

Snow Patrol's "Life On Earth" Is A True, Emotional Return To Form

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From the first listen of Snow Patrol’s “Life On Earth” I was hooked. “Holy shit,” I thought, “this is the real deal.” A true return to form, and maybe the best thing they’ve ever written. A bold statement right? But if you’re Snow Patrol, you’re hoping people say this, you’re wanting to get better with... Read more »

Does Anybody Remember The Darling Buds?

Does Anybody Remember The Darling Buds?
Does anybody remember The Darling Buds? They were a female fronted band from the 90’s, Brit Pop scene, that had a couple of really good singles. “It Makes No Difference” was my favorite song, and the reason I got into the band. Well, it seems they have new music out and are touring these days,... Read more »

Catfish & The Bottlemen "Kathleen"

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The incessant need to hear “Kathleen,” by Catfish & The Bottlemen, leads me to believe they’re the next big thing. When I’m not dancing to the The Wiggles with my girls, or listening to kids jams, (scope the street cred) I’m rifling through new releases and searching playlists. The other day, while giving my girls... Read more »

Peace Together: A Bunch Of Cool Cover Songs For A Greater Cause

Artist/Album: Various Artists–Peace Together Reason For Purchase: There are a lot of cool bands covering a lot of songs I really liked. I wasn’t aware of this compilation before I came across it in the cut outs, so I had to purchase it. Songs To Hear: What sold me on this CD was a cover... Read more »

Kingmaker-"Armchair Anarchist"-3 Track EP [Import Single]

Artist/Album: Kingmaker–Armchair Anarchist (Import Single) Reason For Purchase: I love this band. A simple three piece with beautiful melodies, and bright instrumentation. I’d buy anything they released for $1, how about that. They have long since broken up, and you don’t see a lot of their music in the cut outs’, let alone record stores... Read more »