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The Gorillaz And Peter Hook Go All New Order On "Aries"

Just when I thought the Gorillaz went all New Order on us, well, it seems they did. There’s one very simple reason behind this: Peter Hook is playing bass on their latest track, “Aries.” I wrote about this track in my weekly blog post called Release Radar. where I talked about an original member of... Read more »

How Blur Went from "Leisure" to "Modern Life Is Rubbish"

How Blur Went from "Leisure" to "Modern Life Is Rubbish"
It’s hard to believe Blur went straight from the brit-pop of Leisure into the punk rock of Modern Life is Rubbish. The two albums are completely different from each other and the latter was so unexpected. At the time, there were no expectations for Blur, they could’ve been a one-off. They never showed signs of... Read more »

Peace Together: A Bunch Of Cool Cover Songs For A Greater Cause

Artist/Album: Various Artists–Peace Together Reason For Purchase: There are a lot of cool bands covering a lot of songs I really liked. I wasn’t aware of this compilation before I came across it in the cut outs, so I had to purchase it. Songs To Hear: What sold me on this CD was a cover... Read more »