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Trashcan Sinatras "Ain't That Something"

The most underrated band of our time, The Trash Can Sinatras, put out one of the greatest comeback albums of the last century, last year. The album was called Wild Pendulum, and it’s chalk full of great songs, that couldn’t sound any more relevant in 2017. It’s a full length album, that you want to... Read more »

The Charlatans "Who We Touch Tour 2010"

The Charlatans "Who We Touch Tour 2010"
A few weeks back I had The Charlatans‘ “Weirdo” running through my head. So, I went downstairs, grabbed the original import, and played it tirelessly in the car CD player. On that Weirdo single there was a live version of “Sproston Green,” which brought back memories of their great live shows, I attended as a... Read more »

"May The Lines Sag Heavy And Deep Tonight"

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“And May the lines sag heavy and deep tonight” -Morrissey eureka: I just realized he’s talking about the wrinkles on this persons face. As you get older, you get more lines, and the face starts to sag. Am I Right? Fans and Friends? Unhappy Birthday-The Smiths I’ve come to wish you an unhappy birthday (x2)... Read more »

DEF JEF -Give It Here- "C'Mon Don't Say Nothin'!"

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“You can be the skeezer, I’ll be the skeezie.” -Def Jef Today I remembered a song that brought me back to my high school days. I think you can tell by the video quality how old I am. Regardless of age, it still seems like yesterday that this Def Jef video came across the screen.... Read more »

What's Your Man Got To Do With Me?

Here is a song from the days when hip hop was called rap, and the art of story telling was the only reason to rhyme. The days when we recorded Yo! MTV Raps on VHS tapes to catch the Top 20 Video Countdown. Then we would replay the vid (we called them videos back then)... Read more »

Posts From The Vault

Posts From The Vault
I had a WordPress blog for a year or two, before I was allowed entrance to ChicagoNow.  There were a lot of not-so-good posts, mixed in with a few good ones.  So, from time to time, I am going to bring those older posts to light. Maybe when a band’s new LP drops, I will... Read more »

More Light From That Old Sun (From The Vault Jul 28, 2009)

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So, in the theme of Summer and with these last few days bringing humidity, I coincidentally found myself listening to another song about the the bringer of light, and the life giver of life, the sun.  But, I repeat; it was by accident.  I looked down at my Ipod and saw that the name of... Read more »