Release Radar 5/13/22 - Ryan Adams vs Kendrick Lamar

Release Radar 5/13/22 - Ryan Adams vs Kendrick Lamar

Everybody deserves redemption. After undergoing therapy to get sober and fix a pattern of mistreating women, Ryan Adams is trying to make a comeback. On Saturday night at Carnegie Hall, he performed 31 songs that spanned his career. The night before his first public performance since 2019’s show at The Forum in Los Angeles, he released a surprise double album, Romeo and Juliet, after dropping an 18-song album less than a month ago, Chris, named after his brother. BTW, no one is writing a song like “Romeo & Juliet” these days, NO ONE. Those days are over, gone are the storytellers of yore who could piece together something this magical.

I had no idea Kendrick Lamar was returning with a double album, yet here it is. “United In Grief” is the first single and it’s intense with a message.

I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of this thing, but I can’t wait to break it down. “P95” stood out as well, as a big fuck you to the system, though I’m not sure which one yet?

More HipJazz (as I’ve coined it) this week from FloFilz with his “Cloudberry” drop. I can’t get enough of this shit! These dudes are singlehandedly redefining the term lo-fi, or is it laid back?

I’m really starting to enjoy this Rolling Backouts Coastal Fever record, Endless Rooms, which was a complete surprise to me. It never appeared on my radar last week, but I heard “Vanishing Dots” on SiriusXMU and went searching for the record. There it was, much to my chagrin. Spotify, do your job, your algorithm is shitting the bed lately. Too many stupid ass remixes, and not enough new record releases by bands I’ve previously liked.

Maude’s back. If you read this blog you know I’m a fan and have been placing her in your #RADAR for the last several months. She’s got star power and the chops to prove it. “Trees” is just another example of her talent and charisma.

We are getting closer and closer to the third Mt. Joy release, and this is a fun one. “Evergreen” has some guitar fuzz that combines with pop magic to keep you coming back for more.

Does anyone have a “Landline” anymore? We no longer do. It’s awesome to see a young artist bringing the concept back because that’s a life many of us oldies lived. Remember the long cord that would work its way into the bathroom where you could talk alone? Then came the cordless, and well, the iPhone blew up the world. So, here we are, Arlie kicking it old school with his mustard yellow rotary landline. I like the ring of that!

“Thank God I got a landline, oh/Don’t bother with the internet
Call you like a gentleman/Leave your drama at the tone”

“Who exactly is Peter McPoland,” you ask me? “A mover and shaker,” I reply.

Well one look at this picture says he’s ready for the role he’s applied for. “”Slow Down” is a bit BritPop, and a little bit Longpigs, but it’s also a bright start for this young, fresh cannibal.

Jazzinuf is more of that chillwave, HipJazz we’ve been loving here on Release Radar. Grab a glass of cab, get your bucket hat, and light up a fatty, your choice cigar or blunt, cause it’s gonna be a gorgeous night under the moonlight.

David Gray returns this week and I almost missed it as he’s sounding like the boys rocking the “A.M. Radio,” The Lumineers.

Once I knew it was him, I took a few more listens and it’a good stuff. Also, 2022 marks the 20th anniversary of his landmark record, White Ladder, and there’s a double disc remastered CD to be had as well.

Antony Fung delivers your Jazz Cut Of The Week with his single “What Does It Mean To Be Free,” a song that shares the same name as the album, which deserves to be played all the way through. This is the drummer/composer’s third album and it could be dinner music, or a late-night session with friends, sitting around a solo stove.

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