Release Radar - 4/8/22 - Wet Leg vs Ryan Adams

Release Radar - 4/8/22 - Wet Leg vs Ryan Adams

So far, Wet Leg has not lived up to the brilliance of their debut single, “Chaise Lounge,” which made us all smile, as we sang, “Mommy, daddy, look at me/I went to school and I got the big D.” I think it might make more sense to listen to the self-titled debut, Wet Leg, as a whole unit though, instead of trying to digest 12 separate pieces.

After the whole Ryan Adams fiasco (#MeToo) I felt it hard to listen to him, it just seemed wrong. Not that I’m saying he’s now been vindicated, but I’ve decided to give his new record a chance. “Take It Back,” “Aching For More,” and “Chris,” are all great examples of what this man does well. It’s actually a very good album and seems like the right place for Adams these days.

The Boo Radleys just released a new album, Keep On With Falling, after a 23-year break, but after hearing their Live In 2021 album, it seems like they’ve never left. “Lazarus” has them sounding fresh as ever, as well as “Alone Together,” and “Kingsize.” I think I will be revisiting this one a lot more.

“Loving” is my favorite song off of the fourth COIN album, Uncanny Valley. It’s more laidback than the typical power pop, radio ripe singles that have been catching our ears for the last few years now. A simple, subtle, lovesong where “something isn’t working,” and isn’t that the worst feeling?

Chiddy Bang‘s Chidera Anamege is now writing and recording on his own and we are patiently waiting for his solo album under the same name. His last couple of singles have been quick hits of hip-hop that should make for one solid record if it ever comes out?

Girl Talk just played the Metro in Chicago and I had to turn down tickets because I was leaving for Florida at 5am the next morning. I was also bringing three girls with me, so that’s why I couldn’t throw caution to the wind and dance the night away. Speaking of dancing, the Night Ripper samples one of Kylie Minogue’s greatest hits, “Love At First Sight,” with KRIT and Khalifa putting in work on his latest single, and this one is playlist worthy.

Maude Latour releases another banger after her incredible “Headphones” single. This time around it’s “Lola,” showcasing her incredible love for women and their daughters.

Maude is a beautiful soul inside and out, and her lust for life shines through the sleek veneer. “Lola” has an incredibly happy vibe that we need more of.

KRS-One, Method Man, and Redman, team up on “Live From The Methlab.” “The Meth Lab project is a platform curated with friend and collaborator Hanz On that draws upon the Staten Island hip-hop community to put on up-and-coming artists alongside some of Wu Tang’s most exemplary and noteworthy affiliates. The album was recorded in Meth Lab Studios on Staten Island and will be released on May 6, 2022, via Hanz On Music Entertainment (H.O.M.E.) / ONErpm.” – The Source Magazine

NerdStar turns “Tin Tin Deo” into a chillwave jazz number, and thus it becomes Your Jazz Cut Of The Week.

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