Release Radar - 4/15/22 - Jack White vs Father John Misty

Release Radar - 4/15/22 - Jack White vs Father John Misty

The fuzzed-out fellow we’ve come to know as Jack White has returned with Fear Of The Dawn, an album that picks up where he left off with funk-rock cuts that could use a little more pop sensibility. What I mean is that I love when Jack rocks out, I really do, but we need some of that “We Are Gonna Be Friends” stuff spread throughout, otherwise, this set gets old quickly. There are some interesting points like “What’s The Trick,” where RATM meets the Chili’s and Modest Mouse. “Morning, Noon and Night,” and “Shedding My Velvet,” both show different sides of White as well, which are refreshing, but are they enough to save this album?

Now to a man who completely changed up his act, Father John Misty, and his latest album, Chloë and the Next 20th Century. It’s a throwback of sorts to a simpler time when Tony Bennet and Frank Sinatra held court in front of big orchestras. This one is a fun listen that brings to mind the sound of big bands and jazz standards. I look forward to more listens to an album that is unlike anything else released this year.

Mt. Joy’s 3rd album is out in June, and their third single is just as good as the first two. This is a band that is growing with each new release.

This week we got the news that Josh Rouse was releasing a new album, Going Places, on July 29 (Yep Roc). We got to see Josh solo and acoustic at Evanston’s Space and it made for a great birthday (October 17th) night last fall. Josh is an incredible singer and songwriter, that peruses everything from rock to jazz, and you don’t want to miss him if given the chance.

Nightmares On Wax had a remix competition for two tracks off of their Shout Out! To Freedom… album, “Wonder” and “3D Warrior.” The results have been packaged in an EP called Remixed! To Freedom…, and it’s worth your time. Especially “3D Warrior – Mala’s Soujah VIP Remix.”

“Sold Me A Dream” has a jazzy, chillwave sort of vibe. Terry Tracksuit, a new edition to my #RADAR, seems to be a conglomerate that includes Sam Evian, Mild High Club, & Hannah Cohen. I’ll keep my eyes out for this band as it seems this is the first single under the Tracksuit moniker?

Sarah Vaughan, you minstrel, welcome to my #RADAR. On June 2nd, 1957 she sang “Poor Butterfly” on The Ed Sullivan Show, and now, 65 years, later it’s moonlighting as your Jazz Cut Of The Week.

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