Release Radar - 4/1/22 - Foals vs Red Hot Chili Peppers

Release Radar - 4/1/22 -  Foals vs Red Hot Chili Peppers

It’s April Fools Day! Hopefully, you tricked someone close to you, but you didn’t piss them off too much? I told my wife that my daughter got an “F” on her math test and she sat up and said, “What?” I had to tell her right then and there, “April Fools!

The Chili’s finally released their long-awaited 12th album, Unlimited Love. I’m hoping the deep cuts prove better than the first three singles. “Not The One,” and “Black Summer,” did not grab me right away, but I will give this 17 song album it’s due this weekend. Per The Ringer, …friend-of-the-band Chris Rock inducted them (RRHOF) in 2012, and only Flea’s bass strings were slapped.”

Japanese Breakfast put out one of the best albums of 2021, and “Be Sweet” is the single that propelled them into the spotlight. This, live, Spotify Session is really good and will give you another reason to go back and revisit.

Foals have perfected this dance-rock thing, and “Looking High” is another great release in a long line of pulsating jams. The band is prepping some incredible vinyl, including this bundle that contains LIFE IS YOURS (June 17th) on clear/dark green marbled vinyl housed in a gatefold sleeve, with a picture book, and a bonus album containing seven exclusive demo tracks. Plus, the clincher is, that you get Antidotes on limited edition recycled colored vinyl. It might be the right time for me to grab that debut record!?

Delta Spirit ramp up the drums on their latest single, “What’s Done Is Done.” They come out of the gates firing with their precise, math rock and it’s just what the doctor ordered. Their arc as a band has been extraordinary, really something to watch.

Soccer Mommy is hit or miss for me, but this new single, “Shotgun,” is very interesting. It’s completely original, which is what I’ve been waiting for. No, it’s not Hatfield, Liz Phair, nor is it Lush, this time around, it is completely The Mother Of Soccer. Ok, so maybe it speaks of Madder Rose? Moving on…

“I don’t really know where my heads at,

I just know my hearts not there yet.”

Still Woozy returns with, “Pool,” and Remi Wolf sidles up alongside Sven for this intricate number, that embodies their friendship. I am a huge fan of this collab, thinking they should take it a step further on a bunch of different material.

Your Jazz Cut Of The Week is “Joyful Strut,” from The Snowman Band. This is the first time I’ve heard these guys and I look forward to hearing more.

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