Release Radar - 3/25/22 - Sting vs Good Morning

Release Radar - 3/25/22 -  Sting vs Good Morning

“There’s no such thing as a winnable war/It’s a lie we don’t believe anymore.”


Sting posted a moving version of his song “Russians” saying, “I’ve only rarely sung this song in the many years since it was written because I never thought it would be relevant again. But, in the light of one man’s bloody and woefully misguided decision to invade a peaceful, unthreatening neighbor, the song is, once again, a plea for our common humanity.

The lyrics are powerful, his voice is as good as it was when he wrote this song in 1985, and this is the most important thing in my #RADAR this week.

One of my favorite songs from 2021 was Good Mourning’s “Country.” It’s now making its way to SiriusXMU and it deserves the radio play, it’s a damn hit! “Out To Pasture” is their new single and it reminds me of the rest of their catalog, super chill. I love their upbeat stuff and I wish they did more of it.

Pete Yorn has a new album called Hawaii coming out and so far we’ve heard two enlightening singles, “Elizabeth Taylor,” and “Ranson.” Apparently, Hawaii is the place Pete goes, not to sit on a beach, but to be alone and focus on his writing. Can’t wait to hear the whole project.

The Vaccines said they put out this latest EP, Disaster Girl, for the fans, so that they have some fresh material to hear on their tour. Between their covers EP, Cosy Karaoke Vol. 1, and their new album, Back In Love City, they should have plenty of new material to pull from.

Flipturn is a newer band that I’ve been following, and “Playground” is their latest single. They hail from Fernandina Beach but sound more British than Floridian. With comparisons to The Backseat Lovers, the Longpigs, and tourmates Mt. Joy, this young band is definitely one to watch.

Wallows, like Flipturn above, is a young band making a name for themselves by creating lo-fi pop music, that’s super catchy. “I Don’t Want To Talk” is my favorite song from Tell Me That It’s Over.

This version of “Waltz For Debby” really lets Eddie Gomez and his standup bass shine. Check out the run he does just after Bill comes in with some subtle piano to start the song off. The composition’s title refers to Evans’s niece, Debby Evans, who was his brother Harry’s daughter. Bill wrote it when she was 3 years old. It is downright masterful.

Your Jazz Cut Of The Week comes courtesy of Anomalie and Bad Snacks, which proves to be a killer combo! Anomalie brings the jazz while Snacks brings the transcendence and a bit of violin.

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