Release Radar 1/7/21 - The Jazz Butcher vs The Presets

Release Radar 1/7/21 - The Jazz Butcher vs The Presets

Slowly but surely the new year will bring new releases. While most labels wait until spring or early summer, a few will try to beat the rush and trickle out right away.

I just became aware of the Jazz Butcher in November, and received a boxset, Dr Cholmondley Repents: A​-​sides, B​-​Sides and Seasides (which is comprised of the first 4 Glass Records Jazz Butcher albums) for Christmas.

Sadly, it seems, Pat Fish, the man behind the jazz conspiracy, had passed away in October, and I had no idea. As a newfound fan, I’m shocked and heartbroken. The only good out of this bad news is that he left us an album of new material, set for release in 2022 on Tapete Records. “Running On Fumes” is the latest single.

“Outlaw Love” is the latest single from The Districts’ new record, Great American Painting (March 22nd). This time through the band has stripped back the instrumentation, putting the songwriting and vocals up front, keeping it really simple.

GBV, or Robert Pollard, is always releasing new music so I’m not shocked to see a new single in January. I’m more impressed with the fact that a song from their 35th album, Crystal Nuns Cathedral, sounds as good as “Excited Ones” does! Amazing, what a career!

Who are The Presets? According to Wikipedia, The Presets are an Australian electronic music duo of Julian Hamilton (vocals, keyboards) and Kim Moyes (drums, keyboards). I’ve only become aware of the group through friends of mine who appreciate this genre of dance which I am not as familiar with. “You Belong” can ramp up any playlist, and acts as a nice segway to the group’s music. Get hip you knuckleheads!

More new Beirut music from their upcoming B-Sides collection, Artifacts, due on March 4th, 2022. The only reason why “Fyodor Dormant” is in this week’s #RADAR is because it’s that damn good! A drum machine, horns, and the soothing pipes of one Zach Condon.

Welcome back, Mr. Misty! Father John returns with “Funny Girl,” a slow burn that really is beautiful. There are horns, strings, and a soulful melody.

I’m stoked for this new Broken Social Scene release. “Curse Your Fail” is the second single from Old Dead Young, complete with incredible guitars and beautiful vocals. These folks just don’t make bad music, proven by this collection of rarities.

Not On My Radar is a new segment this year, and the first cut I’ve chosen for it is “Beside April,” from the band BADBADNOTGOOD. Spacey jazz that starts off a bit chill then gets really intense. I came across this track while searching for new jazz releases and had to drop it at your front door. You’re welcome.

Your public service message is also your Jazz Cut Of The Week. Delvon Lamarr wants you to “Pull Your Pants Up,” America! This is a groove, and it’s the first time I’ve ever heard of this man and his organ trio. Now I’m over here trying to order the sold-out vinyl package for Cold As Weiss, (a nod to new drummer Dan Weiss), the new album delivered on February 11th.

For fun, take a listen to their cover of George Michael’s “Careless Whisper,” off of last year’s record, I Told You So.

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