Release Radar 1/21/22 - Lil Wayne vs David Bowie

Release Radar 1/21/22 - Lil Wayne vs David Bowie

Eleven years after its initial release Lil Wayne is re-releasing his Sorry 4 Tha Wait mixtape, to streaming platforms, with four new songs: “Cameras,” “Lil Romeo,” “Anti-Hero,” and “Bleu Snappin’.” Is it worth the wait? Yes! Just give a quick listen to “Tunechi’s Back” and you know it’s on!

David Bowie released his three-disc Toy: Box set last week and it’s full of some eclectic gems, including “Toy (Your Turn To Drive).” When you think the man has nothing left to offer, we are again surprised. “Toy” or “Your Turn To Drive,” which is the phrase he keeps singing, is a piano-driven acoustic ballad that offers up copious amounts of Bowie’s beautiful baritone.

The scariest thing about this collection is the album cover. If you can get past it, you’ll be satisfied. Unplugged & Somewhat Slightly Electric (disc three) is the sleeper, and the main reason you’ll want to own the box set.

The Jesus and Mary Chain are releasing an expanded version of their 2017 album, Damage And Joy on deluxe double vinyl. It’s being reissued on 180-gram black and colored PVC with remastered audio by Pete Maher (U2, The Rolling Stones).

The Weeknd returns with a new record, Dawn FM (Alternate World), and a new approach to songwriting. There’s a Michael Jackson-like feel to some of the singles, which might have something to do with Qunicy Jones, who helped produce this record. “Out Of Time” sounds like early MJ with an extra dose of autotune. “Sacrifice” starts off sounding like “Wanna Be Starting Something,” before branching out into darker, Weeknd territory.

“In Need Of Repair” is the second single from Things Are Great, due out in early March. Band Of Horses continues to string solid songs together and if “Crutch,” wasn’t enough to get you fired up, “‘Repair” will get the job done.

“Got me a movie/I want you to know, Slicing up eyeballs/I want you to know”

Wanna grow up to be a debaser.”

Just got a message saying that my copy of Cypress Hill’s debut, the 30th Anniversary Double Red Vinyl Remaster, is on backorder now, with no delivery date in sight.

Ok, I’ll wait. But in the meantime, how about some new music? “Bye, Bye” will do just fine!

Your Jazz Cut Of The Week is from Billie and Stan. Who knew they had an album together? “Lover Come Back To Me” is a happy-go-lucky love song, touching on the kind of feelings you have when you first fall in love, and everything is perfect in the world. Getz invokes those feelings with his tenor sax, and a touch like no other.

Next week we will check out some hip new jazz, stay tuned for Anomalie.

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