Release Radar 12/03/21 - Tom Morello vs Wet Leg

Release Radar 12/03/21 - Tom Morello vs Wet Leg

Of all the albums released this year Tom Morello’s, The Atlas Underground Flood, might be the coolest thing I’ve heard. I usually frown upon the trend of having endless guest artists to bolster a track or album. But in the case of Morello, who’s a guitar virtuoso, adding all of these new voices seems to work extremely well. Take, for instance, the breakbeats of San Holo, or the fingerpicking of Rodrigo y Gabriela, they both work. On “Warrior Spirit” Tom adds some dirt to the upbeat flamenco, and on “A Radical In The Family” he adds subtle acoustic melodies to the spacey layers of keys. Morello has taken the time to successfully merge his talent with that of the other handpicked artists. I. Want. The. Vinyl.

“Mommy, Dady, look at me/I went to school and I got the Big D!” Wet Leg’s “Chaise Lounge,” was blowing my mind for the good part of 2021, and I was excited to see where they would head next? “Wet Dream” didn’t quite hit the magical mark of their debut single. This week they release a 2-for-1 with “Too Late Now” and “Oh No,” both of which meander back to that bass-driven, spoken-word style of songwriting that hooked us.

The Shout Out Louds returned a few weeks ago with an incredible, Cure-like single called “As Far Away As Possible,” that I absolutely loved. “High As A Kite” is a bit more radio-friendly, a pop song that stays true to the band’s roots.

Chidera Anamege, aka Chiddy Bang, is the rapper, while Xaphoon Jones, aka Noah Breakfast, was the DJ, known for beat-making and production. Jones left to produce and remix full time, but Anamege has soldiered on with a new single, “Down” and a forthcoming album in the works. When I heard “Guava” earlier this year I thought their sound had changed, and after listening to the latest single,” Down,” my suspicions were confirmed. The loss of Xaphoon Jones has ushered in a new direction for Chiddy, but his signature flow and delivery are still intact.

Hippo Campus has a new album coming in early February of 2022, and “Semi-Pro” is the latest single from their LP3.

For the longest time, I could not get my hands on a copy of Millionaires, which included the anthemic single “Just Like Fred Astaire.” My cousin called from Maine and was singing the hook over the phone, but I hadn’t heard it at the time because this James’ album was never released stateside. On The Campfire EP they revisit this classic song with an acoustic version.

Not quite the jazz you were expecting, but nonetheless, I dig it! Way beyond digging, I’ve absolutely become obsessed with The Jazz Butchers, and “Southern Mark Smith” was the gateway. There is a swinging vibe, fun lyrics, and the instrumentation is “on point Tip, yo all the time Phife!” I’m hearing Love and Rockets, and early Replacements and those are just a few that have come to mind. Mark my words, you will hear a ton more about this band from the ‘Kid, I promise.

Check out this funky track from experimental piano player and composer, Isfar Sarabski. “G-Man” is your Jazz Cut Of The Week, come back next week for more!

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