Release Radar 11/26/21 - The Lemonheads vs Dionne Warwick

Release Radar 11/26/21 - The Lemonheads vs Dionne Warwick

The Lemonheads are now on my #RADAR again. It looks as though It’s A Shame About Ray will get the deluxe treatment, with a 30th Anniversary Edition that includes this unreleased version of “My Drug Buddy (KCRW Session)” from 1992.

I had so much potential back then (1992), and so did The Lemonheads. This was the pinnacle of the career, and bringing in Juliana Hatfield to tour and sing back up was the best move Evan ever made. The worst move he made was treating her like shit and losing her as a bandmate. Either way, this anniversary record is one to watch, and this is a beautiful rendition of a song that gave us a poignant look inside Dando’s life. This simple pop song is where he shines.

Maverick Sabre keeps chugging along with his incredible voice, delivering another soulful tune. When he stays in this lane he’s unstoppable, and “Can’t Be Wrong,” it seems, is where he’s supposed to be.

Chance is bringing Dionne back for a victory lap, and she seems prepared. Tell me, has the woman ever seemed unprepared? She’s a beast and Chance does his thing. This one is playlist-worthy.

Last week I was talking about Sting’s graceful return and this week I broke down and bought the vinyl. It’s that good! The Bridge is an outstanding return to form, especially if you loved and “Englishman In New York,” and “The Bells On The Roof Of St. Thomas” is another example of this man’s musical touch. It’s not forced, rather massaged into place.

“Plink your pennies down for this wax!”

Check out “Loving You” and listen to the lyrics, he goes deep.

Any version of “Starman” is a good version, but this clear-cut take from June 27th of “the year 2000” is tops. The guitars are upfront, but the vocals cut, and Bowie’s delivery is precise. Live At BBC Radio Theatre, London, 27th June 2000, contains the Morrissey cover, “I Know It’s Gonna Happen Someday,” which rounds out this incredible package. This album is a must-listen.

“This hard-to-find gem from the year 2000 ranks among the best Bowie live documents ever. This performance is utterly fantastic from start to finish, finding Bowie in great voice and mood, backed by a stellar diverse band that compliments him perfectly.”Anthony Nasti

Your Jazz Cut Of The Week is brought to you by Stan Getz. “Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered” segues into several other bits and pieces including “How Long Has This Been Going On?” It’s a beautiful piece that will take you on a journey of deep thought and introspection.

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