Release Radar 11/5/21 - Radiohead vs Bleachers

Release Radar 11/5/21 - Radiohead vs Bleachers

There’s been a trend in my life this week, beginning my mornings with Yoga With Adriene. It’s a great practice that I hope to continue.

Today’s the day Radiohead releases their long-awaited, 3-disc, combo set called Kid A Mnesia. It combines two of their most eclectic albums, Kid A and Amnesiac, which were released eight months apart, and solidified Radiohead as one of the greatest bands of all -time. I still remember buying Kid A and hating it. I was absolutely disappointed, expecting more guitar rock, but what I was listening to was unlike anything I’d ever heard. Eventually, my mind opened, and I understood the magical journey they were taking us on. I can’t wait to hear this newly conceptualized album altogether, as one, the way the band meant it to be. So; CD or vinyl?

Another big release this week is Houndmouth’s Good For You. Their latest single, “Miracle Mile” harkens back to their debut song, “Sedonia.” Back then I didn’t think they’d have so many dimensions as a band, but boy was I wrong. They’ve made a handful of distinct albums, and here, on their fourth, they return to their roots.

Last week we were talking about the Pixies at Red Rocks, now it’s Mt. Joy. Both albums are worth purchasing, as far as live albums go, but we all know we can’t just purchase every single record. After all, where the hell would we store them?

But, Mt. Joy is fairly new and very exciting, and I think that this colored vinyl would look nice in your collection.

Foals is the one band you need to see live, cause they will convert you to a fan after one set. “Wake Up” feels a little dancey to me, but it’s still a pretty rocking affair.

“Drive” only made the cut this week because of what Bleachers did with this classic Car’s tune, which seemed up to this point, untouchable. “Who’s gonna drive you home, tonight?” It’s the perfect pop song, and no matter how many times I’ve heard it, I have to sing along. It’s beautiful and heartfelt and Bleachers’ kept it just simple enough to digest once more.

Generationals have slowly become one of my favorite bands. They write clever pop music that continues to feel new. They’re incredibly fun and full of life, and “I Was A Tunnel,” is another fine example of their penchant for pop. They deserve more ears.

Terrace Martin has put together a cast of all-stars for his DRONES project, and one of my favorite cuts is “Sick Of Cryin’ (featuring Leon Bridges & D Smoke). If you have time, play the whole shebang, you won’t be disappointed. There’s funk, there’s jazz, and there’s hip-hop.

This week Gregory Porter takes that highly coveted Jazz Cut Of The Week slot with “No Love Dying,” from his Still Rising- The Collection. A comprehensive album comprised of 34 songs, that literally has something for everyone. The big man is always on my #RADAR, but I decided this week that he needs more love.

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