Release Radar 11/19/21 - Sting vs Alex Islay

Release Radar 11/19/21 - Sting vs Alex Islay

Winter is here. But, we still have bright bands of sunshine blasting through the clouds this Friday morning!

“Doing It Over” is definitely showing a new side of The Districts. A stripped back journey that barely even sounds like Rob Grote. This next batch of songs should be really interesting as we see the young rockers embrace their pop sentimentalities.

JR JR shows up this week with a Christmas number called, “For The Holidays.” This is a nice one, complete with finger snaps, handclaps, and the message of being together, and that’s all we really need, right?

The Jesus and Mary Chain must have a greatest hits compilation coming out for the holidays because “Just Like Honey” showed up in my #RADAR. It’s a classic song, so enjoy listening with new ears.

Wasn’t “Life Of The Party” the song Kanye left off of his latest album, Donda, angering Outkast fans and leaving others to wonder what the ATAlien did to earn West’s ire? We will probably never know, but either way, it has seen the light of day, and it’s good, really good. Maybe one of the best songs he’s put out in a while, thanks to Andre 3000 who twists trying tales of trials and tribulations his parents had experienced. I love what both artists bring to the track, even the chorus where Kanye exclaims, “Just like Puff told Christopher we gonna win big.”

Sting has had an amazing run with The Police and as a solo artist. The Bridge is his fifteenth studio album and his writing is still as good or better than it’s ever been. “For Her Love” could be ripped from …Nothing Like The Sun, with its jazzy finger stylings, and baroque vocals. I’m impressed with his latest single and I need to take another look at The Bridge.

More Beirut this week from their compilation of hits and misses, that mostly feel like winners. At this point, anything that carries their nametag is quality, they are just that good, and original.

Alex Isley caught my ear a while back with Terrace Martin, and she’s doing it again with Jack Dine and Robert Glasper on “Still Wonder.” Her voice is gorgeous, and so is her smile. If you listen close enough you can hear it.

Alex Isley

Nerdstar does a remix of “Chet Baker’s “Snowbound” that you have to hear, and thus it becomes your Jazz Cut Of The Week. This one is smooth and sophisticated. I imagine cranking the Solo Stove up, turning on the heat lamps, and lighting a cigar as the flakes fall. Welcome, Winter!

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