Release Radar 11/12/21 - Beach House vs Franz Ferdinand

Release Radar 11/12/21 - Beach House vs Franz Ferdinand

Beach House has released Chapter 1, from their new project, Once Twice Melody. Their eighth album will be released in four-song chapters over the next few months and followed by a world tour.

Silk Sonic has put together a smooth team for “Smokin’ Out The Window,” which includes Bruno Mars, and Anderson Paak. It reminds me of early Jackson 5, with a hip-hop infusion, except Michael wasn’t really calling women bitches on record.

Franz Ferdinand has not been heard from in a long while. Now they are returning to the game with the greatest hits package, aptly entitled, Hits To The Head. “Billy Goodbye” is one of two new songs that are part of this compilation.

Pete Yorn also returns this week, with a new single, “Elizabeth Taylor.” So many big releases just before the holidays, and this one is a quality listen.

This is the first I’ve heard from Dramadee, and I like it. “Latest” has got a great flow, and the hook is fun. He’s definitely an artist to watch.

While I wasn’t a huge fan of the first single off of Grizzly Peak, I’m digging the second release, “Sunrise/Sunset.” This is the sound the Dodos are known for, shimmering guitars, sharp rhythms, and sweet harmonies. It builds slowly with a drum loop, and an acoustic, before the vocals and the drums kick in, turning it into a rocking pop song.

I’ll be writing about this band for a while, as they have announced a series of new singles due out in 2022. I plucked Night Moves’ third album Can You Really Find Me from the cut-out bins on a whim, and it turned out to be a fantastic record. I’m looking forward to hearing more songs like “Fallacy Actually.”

How about a little live Coltrane for your Jazz Cut Of The Week? “A Love Supreme, Pt. II – Resolution” taken from a show in Seattle, circa 1965.