Release Radar 10/29/21 - Spoon vs Macklemore

Release Radar 10/29/21 - Spoon vs Macklemore

The cool thing about Release Radar is that it keeps tabs on your past listening habits and when you haven’t heard from an artist in several years it reminds you how much you’ve missed them by placing their new single in your weekly playlist. Macklemore shows up this week with a new track called “Next Year,” about how great shit is going to be after Covid is over. Now at this point, we know the virus may never be over, but it’s a great song about having hope and looking to the future, next year.

A music critic and friend once called Spoon “The most consistent band of our time,” and I would agree while adding several other bands to that list. Spoon is an exciting band that always brings something interesting to the table, and “The Hardest Cut,” off of what’s being hailed as their “hardest album,” is no exception.

The ‘Hill will always have a place in my heart. From the early days of “How I Could Just Kill A Man” to the Temples Of Boom, they were a mainstay in my life for nearly 20 years. I love the new remixes they have been releasing of the old classics and now we get a new song called “Open Your Mind” from the upcoming 10th studio album.

Let me go on record and say, “I’m a Kesha fan.” The last two years of my life have seen me going from thinking the woman is a pop poseur to believing she is a pop powerhouse, and I have my daughters to thank for that. Songs like “Raising Hell” and Resentment,” have changed me for the better and now I will give anything she contributes to a chance. “Drop Dead” is so much better with Kesha’s presence, I’ll just leave it at that.

The Pixies continue to add live shows to their Spotify feed and this Red Rocks show from June of 2005, is a really good one. “Debaser” is one of my all-time favorite cuts from the cult band, so I’ve included it in this week’s rundown for your listening pleasure.

It appears that Mav is back, with a new single all his own. Maverick Sabre blew me away a few years back when he played Schubas in Chicago, and I’ve been following him ever since. “Walk These Days” picks right up where he left off, crooning over strong beats, spitting rap melodies.

Dinosaur Jr. just released a new record called Live From The Sinclair, in which they play several classic cuts, including this incredible version of “Thumb.” “Freak Scene,” “Get Me,” “Just Like Heaven,” and “Repulsion,” are among a few of the other standouts on this incredible live show full of great J. Mascis solos, and band reinterpretations.

Your Jazz Cut Of The Week is from none other than Nightmares On Wax, starring the sultry Pip Millet. “Isolated” is a thick slice of Latin jazz, that will keep you coming back for several listens, creating that late-night chill vibe. I hear that final call of, “One more, no more!”