Release Radar 1/8/21 - The Districts vs Robert Glasper

Release Radar 1/8/21 - The Districts vs Robert Glasper

Earlier this week fans of The Districts got big news. The band will release a new album called Great American Painting on February 4th, and tour extensively behind it in 2022. For now, we get to listen to the first single called, “I Want To Feel It All,” which they’re taking into an ambient direction.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Felly is the most original MC in the game these days. From guitars to keys, rapping to singing, he just continues to morph into the music. Wherever the song takes him, that’s where he will go. I can’t wait for his music collection to hit the grooves of vinyl.

So the new Atmosphere album drops, and I can’t even get a copy of the vinyl? Nope, every version was sold out. I better power on my Bose speaker and strap in for some streaming, know what I’m saying, Slug?

This DJ Muggs’ remix of the Hill’s breakthrough single, “Hand On The Pump,” is a little funkier and more stripped down than the original, though it works. There’s a smoothness to it, and, with every new remix they release, the memories come flooding back. Cypress Hill was a force and had a style like none other.

Robert Glasper knows how to put together an all-star cast, no doubt. The addition of D Smoke and Tiffany Gouche send this spacey jazz jam into the stratosphere. When it comes back down to the earth, the track lands somewhere between the ‘Tribe and Kendrick, with a spin on an old 2Pac riff, “Picture Me Rollin.” I could use a whole album of this combo.

My main man Chet Baker lands squarely in your Jazz Cut Of The Week. His song “Ray’s Idea” is from his latest record called Salt Peanuts Club. It’s a live album recorded at the Salt Peanuts Club in Cologne, Germany, on May 21st, 23rd, and 25th of 1981. I can’t wait to throw this show on and watch the leaves fall while sipping a toasty porter. Cheers, and happy fall!

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