Release Radar 10/22/21 - My Morning Jacket vs Felly

Release Radar 10/22/21 - My Morning Jacket vs Felly

This week my #RADAR is on fire with My Morning Jacket’s ninth studio album. The self-titled My Morning Jacket is the first batch of new songs in six years. “In Color,” the third single, feels a bit like the Grateful Dead or Pink Floyd, so let the jams begin. I can’t wait to pick it apart.

It’s hard to believe that Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash is 40 years old as of August, and this week, the album receives the grandest anniversary reissue treatment. I’m not sure if anyone needs 67 unreleased tracks, but thank god the studio hands were rolling! Also added to the package, a previously unreleased 7th St Entry concert from 1981.

As if there wasn’t enough to listen to this week, the new Felly is out! Last week I raved about his “Bones” single and how versatile he is. Young Fel 2 has 13 songs that you can consume in under 34 minutes.

Another rapper that keeps putting out quality material is BJ The Chicago Kid. “Smooth” shows off his silky pipes, and that original Chi-Town flow.

One of my all-time favorite Oasis songs is “Some Might Say,” off of What’s The Story, Morning Glory? It still sounds fresh some 15 years later on this live version from 1996. The Knebworth Park documentary made its quick run through theatres and the rest of the soundtrack should be out soon.

HalfNoise releases a single that sounds eerily like David Bowie meets Supertramp, and somehow makes me feel like I’ve heard it in on my dad’s car radio in 1978. Honestly, “Last Day On Earth” is nothing short of retro-sounding.

This new stereo mix of Let It Be has me appreciating The Beatles once again. There’s a warmness to the songs, and the vocals seem to pop more. The writing seems so simple yet it leaves you asking, “How do you accomplish a song like “The Long And Winding Road?”‘ The back and forth banter in between takes gives you a window into their writing process, and it seems like they were still having fun, even though they were falling apart. I might need to get the CD, to see how great this package is.

Beirut has a unique sound that takes some getting used to. Once you get bitten by the bug, you’ll appreciate all of their music. “Fisher Inlet Sound” is another great representation of who this band is. The forthcoming album, Artifacts, is made up of EP’s, singles, b-sides, and early work.

Stan Getz and Joao Gilberto bring us a little bit of Bossa Nova called, “So Danco Samba.” It’s such a great vibe that I had to add to this weeks’ list.

Your Jazz Cut Of The Week is from my favorite crooner Chet Baker. But on this version of “My Funny Valentine,” it’s his horn playing that stands out. Listen to this near eight-minute track, and wait for this trumpeter’s solos.

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