Release Radar 10/15/21 - Band Of Horses vs The Beatles

Release Radar 10/15/21 - Band Of Horses vs The Beatles

Apparently the “rainy season” has moved to Chicago via Portland. It’s been doldrums this week, but the grass hasn’t looked better. Fall back.

Release Radar brings the glorious return of rock heroes, Band Of Horses. “Crutch” is the new single from Things Are Great which will be out next year, on January 21st. It kind of feels like I’ve heard it before, but I’m excited for the next step in their career.

It’s hard to believe an actual human being wrote “Let It Be?” Stupid statement, I agree, but when you hear how perfect this song still sounds in 2021, you marvel that something this special was written all those years ago, and still stands the test of time. It’s better than anything on the radio, or any new artist to come out this year.

The Lumineers continue to put out heartfelt music, and this week we get the second single, “Big Shot,” from their forthcoming BRIGHTSIDE release on January 14, 2022.

The Generationals release their second single this week, as well, “Tryin’ To Reach Ya,” featuring Sarah Jaffe. Not to be confused with the Queen of Mean, Sarah Jeffery, this princess has a beautiful voice that guides the track and adds depth to the harmonies.

Once I saw the #RADAR this week, I had to add Vacation Manor to my forecast. These guys have a Josh Rouse sound, especially on this stripped-down, Midnight Version, of “You.” It’s subtle and pretty and deserves a listen or two.

Aesop Rock has a style all his own, that you have to pay attention to and keep up with. “Jazz Hands” reminds us of what we’ve been missing and Garbology is out now for preorder.

We Are Scientists finally release their new full-length album, Huffy. It’s packed full of rocking songs with catchy hooks. I’ve been writing about it for what feels like a year, and now you can finally get your hands on the “Cherry Laser” vinyl.

Some of these Soulwax remixes actually hit the right spot, and Priya Ragu’s “Good Love 2.0” is one of them. It starts off a bit slow then kicks into high gear midway through. “Boy you had me from the beginning,” will be running through your mind once you catch the vibe.

Your Jazz Cut Of The Week is called “Q Is For Quincy Jones,” by Nicholas Payton. There’s a reason why your man writes songs about “Q” and that’s because he’s done it all. This is a smooth dedication, that is perfect for writing an early morning to-do list.

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