Release Radar 9/17/21 - My Morning Jacket vs Half Alive

Release Radar 9/17/21 - My Morning Jacket vs Half Alive

Last week MMJ made my Release Radar with their incredibly creative Metallica cover, “Nothing Else Matters.” Now they announce a new, self-titled album, due out on October 22nd, with the first single, “Love Love Love.” Damn, it sounds good, and after two listens I find myself singing, “The more you give yeah, the more you get now/Go tell it to the world.”

It seems Walker Hayes has brought in the big guns, putting Kesha on his latest version of “Fancy Like.” It works, as the pop princess puts this already fun song over the top. Kesha’s last two albums have seen her mature and move into adult-ish territory with songs like “Resentment.” But, on this remix of “Fancy Like,” we get the bluesy, carefree girl we’ve come to know and love.

Half Alive release their third single of 2021 on the same weekend that they perform live at the Life Is Beautiful Music & Art Festival. Not sure about the state of the new album yet, but “Make Of It” is an upbeat and soulful journey, driven by keyboards and breakbeats.

“Pot Of Gold” is the latest in a line of Felly singles, that ebb, and flow. Now playing and programming, Fel has found his freedom to create whatever the fuck he wants, and with each new single I find myself saying, “This might be the best thing he’s ever done?”

The level of comfortability The Beatles have as a group is evidenced in this version of “Get Back.” Only family spends this much time together and for this reason, there’s a carefree vibe that makes you feel like you’re in the room, with your family, when Paul says, “Let’s do it once more.”

A few weeks back Tony Bennet and Lady Gaga were selected as my Jazz Cut Of The Week, for their cover of “I Get A Kick Out Of You.” It was at that time that I mentioned their new album “Love For Sale,” due out October 1st. I loved this duo’s first collaboration, and can’t wait for the return of Tony and the Lady.

Your Jazz Cut Of The Week is from jazz master Chick Corea, alongside Eliane Elias, and Chucho Valdes. Rain or shine, “Mirror Mirror” is an introspective listen, that will have you searching your soul for answers while finding some much-needed inner peace.

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