Celebrating My 800th Post As A ChicagoNow Writer!

Celebrating My 800th Post As A ChicagoNow Writer!

I always have to stop and celebrate small benchmarks in my writing. Today I wrote my 800th post for the Tribune’s ChicagoNow blog site.

ChicagoNow is a blogging site managed by Tribune Publishing. I’ve been writing a blog there since August 4th, 2011, about music, beer, and kids. it’s been a fun experience, even challenging at times. Recently, I woke up to find out that WordPress “Classic” was no longer in use and had to learn how to use a whole new software system. That was very difficult for a while.

None of us bloggers get paid, yet we work really hard to deliver content that counts. I continue to write a weekly Release Radar post where I discuss all of the new music that I’m listening to each week. I also write a column called, Cellar Dweller, where I talk about beers I’ve cellared for years.

All in all, I do this to practice my writing and to keep my skills sharp. Today I’m celebrating my 800th post, and that’s a pretty big accomplishment!

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