The Dirty Heads' "Rage" Is The Song Of The Summer

The Dirty Heads' "Rage" Is The Song Of The Summer

My favorite song so far this summer has to be The Dirty Heads’ and their incredible rap, reggae-infused, punk rocker, “Rage.”

It has everything that convertible classic needs, including energetic verses, and monster hooks that you can’t stop singing. We all have that rage otherwise we wouldn’t be human. This one feels good to sing!

“I still got rage inside/Since I’ve been 8 or 9,
My dad, he went to the store/And didn’t come back no more”

The Dirty Heads

Travis Barker is playing drums on the track, but the sleeper guest is Aimee Interrupter of LA punk/ska outfit The Interrupters. She brings the grit that the Dirty Heads need, accelerating the song into the stratosphere.

Dirty J sets the stage with an aggressive rap on the first verse, while Duddy B sings his part, touching on addiction and emotional scars. Aimee sings the hook and they all harmonize throughout.

“Rage” is that song on repeat, all summer long.

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