Release Radar 7/9/21 - Miho Hazama vs Natalie Bergman

Release Radar 7/9/21 -  Miho Hazama vs Natalie Bergman

The most interesting single this week comes from Natalie Bergman and Beck. You wouldn’t know Beck was even on the track unless you’ve seen the credits. Natalie steals the show sounding like Billie Holiday, while Beck chimes in on the chorus, sounding like…himself.

Remixes are part of the summer cycle and I love the funk-da-fied beat that “Too Late” is given by Buscabulla. Washed Out has created a style all their own and inspired several other chillwave acts along the way.

Classixx gives JR JR’s “Good Old Days” the remix treatment and uses Eric B & Rakim’s “Paid In Full.” It makes for an incredible jam that gets better towards the end, so hang in there!

Mating Ritual continues to impress with another fun sing-a-long called “Nah.” You’ll want to join in, and I’m fascinated by how their sound keeps on morphing.

George Harrison is releasing more outtakes and demos for the 50th Anniversary of all All Things Must Pass. It’s hard to believe it’s been 50 years since it was first released, and even harder to imagine there’s any music left that hasn’t been heard. Well, enter “Cosmic Empire” and you now have a new reason to own this Super Deluxe, 8 LP Box Set on 180-gram vinyl. With over 70 tracks, it includes 47 (42 previously unreleased) demo recordings, session outtakes, and studio jams. So, maybe you do need it? Also, of note is how much early Oasis sounds like Harrison here on this poignant demo.

Your Jazz Cut Of The Week is called, “I Said Cool, You Said…What?,” and comes to us courtesy of the accomplished female musician and conductor, Miho Hazama.

The cool song title came from a moment of thinking she wasn’t picked to be the chief conductor of The Danish Radio Big Band, (a premier jazz institution out of Europe) when actually she was being told she was their choice!

“I misunderstood what the artistic director said and thought he was going to invite someone else from NYC, so I said ‘Cool’ ― then a bit after, I had to interrupt his words and say ‘…What? Do you mean to invite… ME?!?!?’” -Miho Hazama

NOTE: Check out the rocking guitar solo by Per Gade around four minutes in, it is a special piece.

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