Release Radar 7/23/21 - 2Pac vs Fruit Bats

Release Radar 7/23/21 - 2Pac vs Fruit Bats

This week 2Pac and the Fruit Bats top our new releases. I had been hearing rumors that Kanye West was releasing Donde, but, of course, the date was pushed back to August.

A few months ago the Fruit Bats covered “Today” by the Smashing Pumpkins, which I thought was a cool idea. Then they went and covered Siamese Dream in its entirety. It’s hard not to be critical because this album holds a special place in my heart from childhood. I have to say, for the most part, they did a really good job and so far, “Rocket” is my favorite.

Coldplay returns with a ten-minute song called “Coloratura.” They have been experimenting with different styles on their last few albums, so now is the perfect time for them to try long jam sessions, that include several different song ideas. I like this idea for Chris Martin and the crew.

The second single from Liz Cooper brings us another week closer to the return of that gorgeous voice and towering figure. “Getting Closer” feels a bit Billie Holiday-like, and I love the prominent keyboard melody that drives this song.

What’s the motto, “Keep your enemies closer than your friends?” Yeah, if anyone knows that, it’s PAC. “Fuck Friends” reminded me of his Makaveli phase: the beat, lyrics, and the fuck-em-all vibe. I was revisiting the album when I heard it was getting repackaged on a four-disc vinyl this week. I want to buy it, but I just can’t afford the entry fee.

This is not Jerry’s greatest version of “Sugaree,” but it is a great jam session, nonetheless. “Sugaree” has always been one of my favorite Dead songs, so it’s worth a mention in this week’s Release Radar.

I can’t leave you without a Jazz Cut Of The Week, so, here you go. “Invitation” is from Leif Shires, a California trumpet player who has worked with many different artists spanning a variety of genres, including Kelly Clarkson, Jack White, Shania Twain, and, the one and only, Barry Gibb.

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