Release Radar 7/2/21 - We Are Scientists vs The Go! Team

Release Radar 7/2/21 - We Are Scientists vs The Go! Team

As we prepare for another Wisconsin camping weekend there’s an excitement that can’t be denied, rain or shine! From discovering our site to the placement of the tent to the setup, and that first, ice-cooled beer!

It feels like a million years since The Go! Team has released music, but “World Remember Me Now” brings back lots of memories, making “Junior Kickstart” feel like yesterday. “World” will get you ready for the full-length they are dropping today called Get Up Sequences Part One.

The quarantine made new music feel more special. Seeing Caveman grow exponentially during Covid season was one of the highlights. They’ve done everything from the spacey jams of “Like Me” to the quaint pop of “River.” They are definitely one of the newer bands you need to spend time with.

I finally broke down and ordered a copy of Glowing In The Dark, the best work yet from Django Django. Their latest single “Say Something” is more of a mellow side, not often shown by the band, and it continues to grow on me. Unfortunately, this isn’t on their latest album, so I’m expecting a deluxe version.

Bobby Gillespie and Jehnny Beth (Primal Scream and Savages vocalists) have released a new single “Remember We Were Lovers.” This is their second song of the project and feels like they are actually creating a sound.

Rap seems really bad these days. The art of storytelling is lost. Drake is still one of my favorites and one of the best in the game. Even though we have to wait for his verse until the end of “Wasting Time,” the rhymes are well worth it.

“Contact High” is the latest release from We Are Scientists and they strike gold with soaring harmonies and big hooks. This is one of the best songs they have released in years and will be available on their new album Huffy, due out on October 8th. The new album will include recent singles ‘Fault Lines’ and ‘I Cut My Own Hair’.

Your Jazz Cut Of The Week is now my latest addiction, marking the first time I have allowed an artist to hold that sacred spot on Release Radar for two weeks in a row. Everybody Still Digs Bill Evans owned my life over the 4th of July weekend, as it did the week leading up to it. I played it at night while cooking for the masses. I changed moods at midnight, winding down from ‘Murica playlists, and I played it early mornings while I was making coffee. Need I note that no one else seems to make coffee? Or they wait for me to get up early and put that pot on the grill?

Anyway, Evans will tickle the ivory, and you’ll feel all the better getting up and beginning a new day, for you, and for all the people needing that splendid dose of caffeine.

There’s just a great vibe on that first album that is hard to deny. I’m pondering ordering this career-spanning collection of five discs, but this time, on CD?

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