Release Radar 7/16/21 - Houndmouth vs Dirty Heads

Release Radar 7/16/21 - Houndmouth vs Dirty Heads

Welcome back, Houndmouth, it’s been a while. “Cool Jam” is a slower manifesto, but it’s full of passion and honesty. The same goes for “Good For You,” which reminds me of Bob Dylan and the 60’s folk scene.

Atmosphere, the cool combo of Ant (DJ) and Slug (MC), returns this week with an EP entitled Woes. It seems like the boys have hit a stride releasing new music, and Word?, their next full length is due out October 8th, 2021.

I was about to order the vinyl when I just found out that all three color variations, even the black, are sold out!? Ugh.

My favorite cut of the week is from the Dirty Heads featuring Aimee Interrupter, of The Interrupters, and Travis Barker, who is basically on every new release these days. It’s absolute fire, and Amy you had me at the hook, “I still got rage,” too, and it eats me up from the inside. But, shit, I’ll be damned if Jared steals the show right back with his incredible first verse.

Check out the last line of verse two where Amy and Duddy harmonize on the line, “Soundsystem take me away!” I’m going to go on record and say it’s the best single of the year this far, and possibly the best video too!

“Shot In The Dark” is the latest single from John Mayer, taken from his 8th proper release, Sob Rock. The cover is ripped from the ’80s and Mayer has a smoldering stare reminiscent of Rick Springfield. It’s a retro cover that the older generations will get a kick out of. Either way, my first listen is favorable.

“Cloak & Dagger” is high-brow hip hop that sees some of Sam Lachow’s best lines being spit over a simple beat that affords the listener full focus. “Get-get-get down, bent-bent-bent knees/Collecting the hand-me-downs of recipes/I was raised on Will and Grace, and Westwing. Now we selling Debra Messing, text me.” This is a hot joint that deserves playlist status.

This take of Bob Marley’s “Stir It Up” is one of the best live versions around. There’s a cool intro jam that takes place before Marley’s beautiful voice comes in and that is the main reason I’ve added it to this week’s Release Radar.

Your Jazz Cut Of The Week comes from none other than Pat Methany, and it’s a near 14-minute journey called “It Starts When We Disappear.” Side-Eye NYC (V1.IV) is his latest effort due out for release on September 10, 2021. Rumor is he’s brought in some of the freshest jazz talents in the business, aka, the young guns.

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