Foster The People & Grouplove @ Schubas Backroom: 04/02/2011

Foster The People & Grouplove @ Schubas Backroom: 04/02/2011

I never got to see the amazing double bill that was Foster The People and Grouplove at Schuba’s Backroom on that frustrating night of April 2nd, 2011.

I walked down to the music hall as I did on many other nights, with a beer in my pocket. The same beer that I would drink on my five-block walk to the best concert hall in Chicago. But on this night, there was impending doom.

The PR person I was working with never put me on the guest list, and the show was sold out. I was devastated. I went back and forth with the girl who had the list and she just kept saying, “I don’t see your name on here!”

She wouldn’t let me in. Said there were no tickets left and that they were at capacity. I was so pissed. “Capacity?” I know they could easily fit me inside, but I understand the protocol, and she was just doing her job.

I remember swearing under my breath, turning to the side door, and walking out. On my way out I noticed a really cool poster hanging on the door of the backroom. As a big “Fuck You” to the whole situation, I took this poster off the wall, and, damn, it was a beautiful one. Now it’s become a memory of what I missed, and the reason why I decided to write about the show that got away.

The clerk could’ve let me into the backroom, the PR person could’ve made preparations, and I could’ve bought a ticket, guaranteeing my spot at the show. But that’s all in the past.

Foster The People and Grouplove were making their way through Chicago, together, and I missed it. For a music fan and completionist like myself, that’s hard to let go of. But holding onto this poster doesn’t make sense anymore. That’s why I just sold it on eBay. Enjoy!

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