Cellar Dwellar: 2018 Hop Butcher FTW "Paris On The Prairie"

Cellar Dwellar: 2018 Hop Butcher FTW "Paris On The Prairie"

I don’t really write about beer anymore unless something stands out. There has to be an endearing quality, a disarming character, or a new flavor that perks my senses, imploring me to write.

“L’Amour Liquide” aka Liquid Love

At this point I’ve had it all, Dark Lord, Heady Topper, Pliny The Elder, Vlad, etc. While the list goes on and on it becomes harder and harder to find things that taste new. Sadly, it’s all been done before. This one is different.

When I first had this beer in 2018, it was too flower-like and I don’t mean floral. It literally tasted like you were eating a Lavender flower, not the floral hop-cone characteristic I enjoy.

Now, over three years later, the dryness from the grape, the sweetness from the honey, and the light lavender effervescence make a magnificent medley. There’s a tiny bit of tartness to this saison but for the most part, it is super refreshing.

Paris On The Prairie could be a year-round beer. For that to happen it would need to be dialed back on all fronts initially. Less lavender, less Hallertau, more honey. A smooth, summer sipper is possible, or a bubbly treat made for toasting. Or, you could just age it for three years…

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