Release Radar 6/18/21 - Hippo Campus vs Delta Spirit

Release Radar 6/18/21 - Hippo Campus vs Delta Spirit

Summer is officially underway. The heat is on as is the pressure for record companies to get their artists more shelf space. How is this possible in an age when that space has become digital? In order to keep eyes and ears on their artists, many labels are having a song remixed or adding a guest star to a track. As of late, this process is bogging down my Release Radar with filler. Here are a few of the standouts from this week.

Hippo Campus is releasing a new EP, Good Dog, Bad Dream on August 6th, and said that the process for writing and recording these five songs was the easiest, and most fun, yet. On the lead single, “Bad Dream Baby,” they let us know they are “worried about Britney Spears/It’s really fucked up how her dad runs her life.” Not sure if this is their idea of having fun or poking fun, but I’ve never heard anything this candid from the band.

All three singles released by Modest Mouse this far are signaling a new path. The search for The Golden Casket is set to take us down a new road, one in which “the liminal space between raw punk power and experimental studio science,” emerge, according to an official release.

So nice to hear new music from Patrick Watson. His album Wave was one of those gems I found in the cut-out bins and I’ve been a fan since. “A Mermaid In Lisbon” showcases his incredible vocals, along with the beautiful pipes of Teresa Salgueiro who creates a distinct mood of her own here.

Delta Spirit has just released What (Else) Is There, a deluxe version of their fantastic long-player from 2020 called What Is There. This album made my Top 10 Of 2020, and I ordered it on green vinyl. Well, this new package, is making me feel left out as it includes the incredible “You’re Mine,” as well as a few other new tunes, some remixes, and a bunch of acoustic versions.

Another monster track of garage rock and power pop from the strong and sexy Torres this week. “Hug From A Dinosaur” was enough to push my hand into ordering the yellow and red vinyl. She frigging ROCKS!

Kamasi Washington has been on my #RADAR for a while and anytime he shows up on a Friday morning, it’s a treat! “Sun Kissed Child” is our Jazz Cut Of The Week. A song from the Liberated/Music for the Movement Vol. 3, that includes vocalists Dwight Trible and Patrice Quinn, plus drummer Ronald Bruner Jr., who just happens to be the older brother of Thundercat. Enjoy!

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