Release Radar 05/21/21 - Nicki Minaj vs Josh Rouse

Release Radar 05/21/21 - Nicki Minaj vs Josh Rouse

Sometimes we start the day so well, only to be derailed by life’s little pitfalls. How we respond is the difference between a win or a loss.

This week we start out our Release Radar with an all-star rap attack from Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, and Drake. It’s actually good, and the Firestarter’s voice is the takeaway. Lil’ Wayne sounds like his old self and that’s refreshing. Nicki crushes her verse and Drake cleans up. Thumbs up!

Josh Rouse has just released a new electronica project under the moniker ISLA. it’s a spacey jaunt that was written during covid. The Mediterranean Gardener is available on Bandcamp, while the latest single is now on Spotify.

My man San is back! “You’ve Changed, I’ve Changed” is a nice change of pace, that feels anthemic.

James continues their weekly release with “Isabella,” and it’s a fantastic song. This album is shaping up to be a great listen.

“This Romance” is another classic by Jack Jezzro. Jack has a knack for making those sizzling nightss even hotter, and he will forever be on my #RADAR!

Perry Farrell is recording some new material with an all-star cast called Kind Heaven Orchestra. “Mend” was a track written for a friend who fell out with his wife during covid and was feeling really low. I can definitely get behind the cause but was hoping for a lot more from this lineup.

“SideSlip” is your Jazz Cut Of The Week. It’s a free-form jam, from Alex Western-King, that goes on for 8 minutes plus.

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